11 Powerful Facts to Increase Mobile App Downloads

From nice to have to become the essentials, mobile apps have come a long way in the current wave of mobility.

Not so long ago, many businesses forayed into the online space to filter their real customers from a sea of audiences to drive sales and boost profitability. Now, with mobile apps being the prerequisite for doing businesses, the pressure to remain at the forefront has gotten more intense. Mobile apps are dominating both B2B and B2C segments driving the growth of consumerism and online engagements by regularly improving the features and functionalities to amass a large user base.

Unfortunately, many mobile app companies either underplay it or go overboard, driving users to abandon the apps or uninstall it from their devices. Then, there is also a countless number of apps that are equipped with unique and cutting-edge features which deserve the attention and the fair number of downloads but suffer from poor rankings due to few oversights in marketing and development.

During 2017, when the number of global smartphone users soared to a whopping 2.3 billion, experts believed that possibilities were unlimited for emerging players and providers of custom mobile application development services in the coming years. As predicted, the mobile app development space grew out to be an attractive field for businesses and marketers to leverage the scale of reach of mobile to impact revenue and sales. The mobile app downloads in the same year reached up to 178.1 billion. Experts also forecast that the number is likely to reach 258.2 billion by 2020.

Each month, more than 30,000 new applications are submitted to the iTunes app store and a significant number of apps are created to compete on platforms like Android and Windows, suggests statistic. However, only a fragment ends up becoming the top-grossing apps.

If you are an app development company, looking to take a leap into the mobile app segment, given below are some of the serious pointers to keep in mind ensure enough downloads and ratings:

App Store Optimization

1. App Store SEO

App store SEO is similar to the SEO practices used to increase the ranking of a website. But the only difference is app store SEO helps in increasing rankings on the app store and downloads using a selected list of keywords as app names, description, format, etc. The SEO helps an app make use of well-balanced content and keywords to show us the search result and monetize on the exposure in the app stores.

2. Bug and Crash-free Apps

Users uninstall any app that hangs or crashes regardless of how unique the content or theme it has. Developers need to make use of many platforms to run tests the apps in beta to spot bugs and fix them quickly.

3. Request In-app Referrals

Referrals and recommendations from customers can be used as an effective marketing tool to increase awareness and encourage downloads. This method is widely practiced across travel, retail and telecom industries to increase app downloads and user base.

4. Media Coverage

Media coverage, sharing press releases and write-ups by reputed publications helps the app to stay in the news and reach a large number of audiences. The popularity achieved with media coverage helps increase ratings and review on the app store and drive more users to trust the app by downloading and using it.

5. Content Marketing

Apps need more than SEO and great content that is limited to a description on the apps store. Today’s apps require a well-rounded content marketing strategy that includes a blog outreach program, microblogging, reviews, ratings and videos on social media and use of influencers to encourage new users to download apps.

6. Introductory Offers and Sign-up Discounts

Promotional and marketing strategies can be work with mobile apps too. Offering attractive discounts on the first orders or sign-ups helps evoke customers’ interest, encouraging downloads.

7. Encourage Users to Share Positive Reviews

Reviews from the user community can be a great word of mouth. Positive reviews and great feedback that are well-written can lure more customers into downloading and trying the app.

8. App Store Optimization (ASO)

There are many pre-packaged app store optimization (ASO) services available in the market for budding apps. The purpose of the app store optimization is to make the app visible by using a large chunk of keywords that can be linked to the app community, findings most unique and powerful set of keywords to use as metadata and make keyword comparisons with competitors.

9. Free or Fair App Pricing

The pricing structure of the app can encourage or discourage users from downloading and using the app for a longer period. It is best advised to build free apps and deploy in-app purchase strategy to monetize on the platform.

10. In-app Advertising

If the apps can be downloaded without monthly fees, the developers can make money with in-app advertising and hosting native ads that serve as a supporting content. In the case of paid ads, it is better to host ads at competitive prices and compare it with that of competitors.

11. Sharing and Messaging Compatibility

For user loyalty and increased downloads apps can be built with iMessage compatibility and easy sharing and messaging features to increase customer experience and downloads.

Closing Thoughts

Always keep in mind your user’s preference when launching strategies. Generating an enormous volume of downloads for your app is not always easy. However, there are few things you can do to accomplish, as we discussed above. Keeping in mind the best practices, staying on top of the industry trends and updates. Most essentially keeping your user’s needs on top priority. ‘Customer is the King’ the final verdict. Keep them happy and you will always stay way ahead of competition and app store rankings.

Want to know more ways to boost the download rate for mobile apps? Stay tuned for more information and updates from the digital marketing agency industry.

Author Bio: Jayaram Bhat is the CEO of Smart Sight Innovation and loves to share his knowledge on business, technology & startups. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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