5 Must have Magento 2 Extensions for 2019

Running an online eCommerce store is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes everything goes in the right direction and according to the plan. But there comes a point of saturation where doing just the necessary isn’t enough. And that is when you have to try out of the box things to extend the level of your offerings.

I assume that your website is Magento based as you are reading this article. If my assumption is correct, then you must be aware of the significance of Magento extensions in enhancing the performance of the web store. Just like the name itself, they expand the functionalities of your e-store while minifying the coding-load at the same time.

Magento has had numerous changes in the past year. And one of the monumental changes was ending support for Magento 1 which will be effective from June 2020. So, by June 2020, almost every Magento 1 web store would have been shifted to Magento 2 and all the newcomers would need any assistance in choosing suitable Magento 2 extensions for your web store.

While there are a plethora of try-and-error sessions to go through, it is wise to do some research in order to choose suitable Magento 2 extensions to minimize the coding efforts and get some of the greatest functionalities to your e-store instantly.

So, today we bring you the top 5 must-have Magento 2 extensions for your e-store.

1. Magento Language Translator

If you have a global e-store, then the language facility should be the first and foremost thing. The simple example is when a visitor browses your website, he should be able to translate the content in the language of his choice. And for that, you will have to have Magento2 Language Switcher  which translates your Magento store. You can fetch the translations from the Google API. This extension enables you to mass translate. From meta details, CRM page content to website reviews, etc.

The USPs:

  • Ability to modify the translation with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Admin can control the content portions.
  • The user can choose the language of their choice. No IP based translations.
  • Translate multiple store fields at once.
  • Search the particular portion of your content to translate.

2. Australia Post Shipping for Magento

If you are a vendor from Australia or shipping to Australia, this extension is perfect for you. This Magento 2 Australia Post Shipping extension helps you integrate Australia Post shipping services with your store. You can manage all the ins and outs of shipping operations right from the Magento admin itself.

With this tool integrated with your admin, you can offer multiple shipping options, set shipping handling charges, delivery methods, offer Australia Post Shipment Tracking and so on to your customers. It makes easy for Australian retailers to deliver domestic as well as global destinations seamlessly.

Here are the feature highlights:

  • Retailers can fetch live rates from Australia Post for letter and parcel shipments.
  • Manage different aspects of Australia Post eParcel shipping right from your e-store.
  • You as well as your customers can track the shipment in real-time.

3. MageMob Admin for Magento

Nowadays, we want everything on Mobile. Be it shopping or managing your own e-store. Because for you it is not possible to be available round the clock. You will have some commitments to fulfill in between your tasks. And what if there is a sudden need of checking one customer’s detail from the Magento backend? That’s when the Magento 2 Admin App proves itself a hero! With this extension, you can manage various backend operations like customer details/reviews, orders sales reports and so on. No matter where you are, you can keep a track of order details, parcel tracking, and much more. You get the push notifications of new operations like purchase, return, quote or anything related with your own e-store.

Its Features Include:

  • Manage your Magento 2 store 24/7
  • Keep a track of your store details.
  • Never run out of stock or miss order updates.
  • Simple installation

4. MageMob Inventory for Magento

Inventory is one of the most important aspects of your store. And sometimes there comes a time when you might have a need to check the product availability due to bulk order, and you are not there in the store or office to check the available stock. With the Magento 2 Inventory Management extension, you can manage inventory in a nimble way with the backend from desktop or mobile. You have the complete power to manage stocks, warehouse, supplies, orders, returned products and more. Even you get the freedom to manage your suppliers’ warehouse products from this app itself. Plus, it’s a 100% native app.

Features summary:

  • Multi-Store Support
  • Manage Detailed Log of Inventory Transactions
  • Instant Push Notifications for Different Actions

5. Australia Post eParcel for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Australia Post eParcel enables you to manage all your eParcel shipping operations right from your admin. You do not have any need to visit Australia Post eparcel for that. You can handle all the shipping tasks directly from your Magento store. There are multiple operations like managing consignments,  track shipments, fetch contract rates, and print consignment labels. You have no need to manually import or export data, escape all unnecessary label printing hassle and no more data entry errors while adding data to eParcel Portal.

The Features Summary:

  • Official Australia post partner
  • Configure your settings in the system and automate shipping process.
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks like label printing or data entry.
  • Save your costs for labels.

Which one to choose?

The task of choosing the right kind of Magento extension is not easy. There would be times when you might think that a certain extension is perfect for your e-store but it end up not working for you. Therefore, it is advisable to pick the products which are highly praised by market leaders.

Identifying the requirement is the foremost step to take in order to choose the extension in the next step. Did we miss any of the other extensions which are as awesome as the above ones? If yes then you can always share in the comment section below.

Author Bio:

Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing software add-on store selling Magento extensions and plugins.Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of ecommerce technology.

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