5 Tactics to Drive Website Traffic That Aren’t SEO

Do you know what does it mean to drive traffic to your website? Well, the website traffic means the number of people visiting your website. The more is the traffic, the better is the ranking. You may consider your web page as a shop, where traffic is number the customers coming in.

The SEO aims at increasing this traffic on your website and giving your business a boost with a place among your competitors. It is clear that SEO is a time consuming process and works at a slower pace.

Today, we bring to you 5 basic traits that are not SEO, but shall help you attract more organic traffic and reachability. Let’s have a walkthrough to these:

Increase Traffics on your website

1. Show Your Presence Over the Social Media

In recent time, one biggest mode of communication is the Social Media. Approximately all of us spend more than 3 hours each day over some sort of social media. You need to give the most valuable and true product pictures of your products and remember the rule that if social media can raise you, it can also bring you down. This biggest platform will give you the following

  • A medium to show your products and services without any extra cost: You can put advertisements or posters showing all your products and services a number of times without paying any extra amount.
  • A good place where you can see and analyse the flavour of your target audience: All the social media platforms allow their users to like, comment, discuss or share what they like. Such a phenomenon on your products will help you understand your customers and their requirements in a better way.
  • A way to attract and engage users: Every innovative product needs just a platform to showcase itself and then go popular. Social media is one such place, where you can keep your customers curious and engaged in knowing more and more about your products through a well-planned strategy of product display patterns and some attractive offers.

2. Choose YouTube as Your Partner

YouTube is undoubtedly the most preferred platform when it comes to showcasing something in form of videos. You must have heard that what we see has a long lasting impact than what we read. YouTube does the same. You simply have to own your YouTube Channel, create an attractive and engaging video and put it there. One thing worth mentioning here is that you should be consistent in putting up a video after regular interval of time to hold your customers to know what is new and upcoming by you. YouTube is unbelievably a house to huge number of people for uploading videos and gaining popularity.

3. Choose an Already Existing Trusted Partner:

Social media or YouTube both can fetch you numerous customers, but the biggest hurdle that comes is the TRUST factor. Why would anyone believe that you are genuine? Yes, this is the most time consuming and effort taking part to let your customers know that you are a genuine seller over the internet. This can be achieved by a simple fundamental of joining your hands with someone who is already on the internet and has a good face value. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Contact famous bloggers or content writer portals to recommend your product when they are writing any buyers guide to the product similar to yours.
  • Ask the forums or the website owners of the organisation that conducts reviews to analyse your product and put a rating to it.
  • Sell your product on a famous shopping site to fetch ratings and reviews that can further help your product gain a good name.

4. Go for Email Marketing

This is also a trending way to reach out to your customers. The email marketers have a huge database that contains list of endless people with their email ids. This procedure needs them to create an attractive email and send it to the inbox of these people to make them aware of your products and services, which may also include some attractive offers for the first time buyers too.

5. Try Out Some Guest Postings:

Guest posting means that you write an article or a blog that relates to some topic of your business stream while embedding a link to your website and ask some guest posting website to publish it. This piece of writing shall contain necessary keywords to support you on google search and also work as a booster or a backlink support system.


It is not just the best SEO strategy that can help you boost your business, instead these 5 magical ways are equally strong to get your business a valued place in the huge world of internet. Moreover, these are simple and easy enough without much money required. It all just needs some planning and creativity with strong understand of your business competitors and the current market trends. So, if you plan well, you are sure to conquer.

Author Bio:

Eneet Kaur is a professional content marketer and formally working at SEO Experts company India. Writing is her strong passion and she has written quality blogs for many high – auditorial blog sites. She is a spontaneous learner in her field of internet marketing. Apart from that, she has a great knowledge of Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building Tech Consultancy, etc.

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Don’t forget to share this article!