6 Most Common Reasons that Leads to Mobile App StartUp Failure

This is the era of startups and we see some new venture or the other every other day. There are times the idea clicks and the startup makes millions but there are unfortunate cases where the idea bombs and the startup fails to make any impact on the audience. There are several reasons that the failure can be attributed. Different startups falter on different fronts as there is no fixed formula that can guarantee sure shot success. Six of these mistakes or reasons have been compiled here that give you an insight into the failure of a mobile app startup. If we go by the stats, 0.001% of the apps that are uploaded to an app store are able to cross the $1 million mark of revenue generation.

Mobile App-minUnderstanding these factors can help new startups not repeating the similar mistakes when they take their idea forward and create an app that aims to solve users’ issues.

Poor Marketing

You might have come up with a great idea for the mobile app that is rather unexplored. However, unless you market your mobile app, there is no other way to let the world know about it. Your app without the essential dose of marketing will be lost in the myriad of millions of apps that are already thronging the app stores.
Poor marketing is one of the biggest factors that pushes an app to its failure. There are times, the startups market the apps but their strategy is flawed. Choosing the right marketing platform, targeting the intended audience, and implementing a creative advertisement model are very crucial to an app’s success.

Badly Executed Coded

Again, you may have a great idea to start with, but the code that puts forward the idea to the audience may be flawed and badly executed. Such flawed coding results in mobile apps that are replete with serious bugs and errors. Complicated functionalities, frequent crashing are some of the ill-effects of following bad coding practices.

According to the survey, more than 23% of the Android apps fail because of low code quality. Hiring expert programmers is the key to preventing failure arising out of the bad quality of code.

Flawed Monetization Policy

The monetization model of the mobile app must be decided well in advance. The way your start-up wishes to earn money through the app is very important for the success of the app. The model should be chosen depending on the app’s content, target audience, and several other factors.

Some of the questions that need to be asked before you go ahead with the app development are whether the app will be a free or a paid one, whether the app will offer in-app purchase, will you show advertisements, etc. Being confused about these aspects can be a deterrent to the success of your mobile app start-up.

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Ill-conceived idea

It is not just about the idea that matters but also how well it has been conceived. Suppose, you wish to offer grocery shopping through a mobile app but have not prepared the categories in detail, your app is bound to fail. The users will not know how to find the products they desire.

There may be other mobile apps that are based on a similar idea but how differently you conceive and execute them hold the key to success. Badly thought-out and half-baked ideas have always been discarded and this should be a lesson for all the entrepreneurs.

Lack of Survey prior to forming start-up

It is very crucial to know whether the idea that you are pitching through your startup is viable and fits into the current market scenario. If this is not the case, the mobile app will not be accepted and lead to a heart-breaking failure of the startup. The best way to ascertain it is to conduct a survey, either online or offline or both and based on the information gathered through it, make the decision to either go ahead with the idea or keep it for the future. Setting up a startup with your idea just with an apprehension that it will be accepted is a foolish move to make. The mobile app startups who have done this have regretted it.

Undefined target users

Last but definitely not the least, the failure to recognize and design your app around the target audience comes as the biggest deterrent to the success of the app and the mobile app startup. Keeping the intended users into consideration while designing the app makes the app suited for the consumption and enhance the chances of success.

Closing Remarks

Setting up a mobile app startup is indeed lucrative but in order to make it big, gigantic efforts need to be put in. The idea should be conceived in the most articulate manner and after assessing its viability in the market. Its execution should also be taut and it must cater to the users in a way that no other app does. These 6 reasons illustrated here will definitely act as the guiding star for the new entrepreneurs planning to have their own mobile app startups.

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