6 Surprising Tips That Will Give Your Website a Crazy High Ranking

The website is the face of a company. The company’s website not only provides complete information about it but also help in its promotion and branding. Every company wants their website to appear on the first or second page of Google’s search. But the competition of high website ranking is increasing day by day. The biggest task is not only reaching a high ranking but also staying there for a long time. These rankings keep fluctuating within seconds and maintaining them requires lots of efforts.

A number of factors including various SEO practices help in maintaining website ranking. Website owners usually hire SEO experts or companies for this task. There are many SEO companies in India who work for improving the rankings of websites. But don’t worry if you have not hired one yet. Do you want to see your website ahead of your competitors in the search engine results? If yes, then just read on! You can boost your website ranking by following six surprising tips.

Content Marketing

Publish Unique and Significant Content

A website is incomplete without content. Content is a hero when it comes to marketing or promotion. You can interact and connect with your target audience only via quality content. People don’t even think twice before switching tabs while reading on a particular topic as there are innumerable contents available for a single topic on the internet. What holds a person to your website or increases the traffic is the writing style and views presented through your website. Using proper keywords which people might use during their search can become your ladder to reach the top! And remember, you have to utilize that keyword twice or thrice on one page to attain high ranking.

Sometimes most amusing content can also sound boring due to improper formatting. Nobody wants to read full page paragraphs. So, focus on highlighting main points through making them bold or using headline tags. Apart from it, expressing your ideas in your peculiar way is most important.

Consistently Update your Content

People love to see new things. So, it’s beneficial to add fresh content time to time into your website. People can only remember your website through a constant interaction from your side. You can add blogs and newsletters every week to build a strong bond with your target audience. Building rapport with your audience is a slow process, so, you have to be a little bit patient while doing it.

Enrich Website with Proper Links

Attaching proper links wherever it is required will help in enhancing the ranking of your website. Sometimes while explaining a concept, you should want to display a video or article related to it for the better understanding of readers. You can do all of this by adding appropriate links within the content. Try to write the entire name of destination or company whose link you are attaching instead of denoting it with ‘click here’. So, it will help in highlighting your website whenever a person would search that specific company’s name mentioned in your link. You can use descriptive links for search engine optimization.

Use Alt Tags

We usually insert images or videos into our website content to make it more engaging and fun. But sometimes, these inserted media files fail to reach the viewer due to various reasons. In such a situation alt tags of images or videos help the people to view the media files by searching via alt tag links of those files. Alt tags or alternative text descriptions help the viewer to know the nature or place of a particular image when they cannot view it due to HTML view or changed URL. It appears in the blank box of the image. Using these alt texts in your website will allow various search engines to locate your page into results. Ultimately, it will help in elevating your website ranking.

Make the Website Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly

There are plenty of people who browse various websites on a daily basis through their mobile phone. So, it’s necessary for you to make your website mobile friendly. The website must pass the mobile-friendly test in order to gain high traffic. Your audience would be directed to other websites if your website didn’t work properly on their phone.

For this, you have to think from the perspective of an audience. What you want from a website as an audience when you open it in your phone. Yes, you want to perform some basic tasks for gathering information from that website while using many other apps in your phone simultaneously. So, that’s your aim. Make your website exactly like that which you expect from other websites. Make sure that the main information or services should display on the top of the first page so that viewers do not have to scroll endlessly for fulfilling their requirement.

Work on Speed

Nobody likes a website which takes too much time to load. People usually open 2-3 websites simultaneously in various tabs for a single search. So, your website can win the attention if it loads faster than other websites. The slow speed of a website irritates audience so much that they don’t like to open it again. You should monitor the speed of your website by opening it from the phone as well as desktop. If it’s slow, then you can improve it by working on the file size of images and scripts used on your website. There are plenty of SEO companies in India which can help you in identifying the real reason of your website low speed. After identifying them, you can easily eliminate them.

You can take your website rankings to new heights by focusing on these points. But remember obtaining high ranking is a slow task, and you need to know it while working on it. Don’t expect your website to reach on the top overnight. After all, slow and steady wins the race!

Author Bio:

Aditya is a seasoned digital marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience in search marketing. He likes to write blogs on digital marketing, business, and finance. Driving best practices, Aditya has implemented SEO, SEM & SMO strategies at Justgoweb digital for some of the key customers across the globe.

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