7 Actionable Tips for Perfect SEO in 2019

The world of SEO is changing so fast that now it is very important to have an optimized website to rank on Google. Also nowadays, Google is very much conscious and strict against the Black Hat SEO techniques. If you do so, then get ready to see a penalty from Google. So, here we will discuss the 7 actionable tips for perfect SEO in 2019 and these are:

1. Target Keywords with Low competition

When it comes to ranking in Google for a particular keyword, you need to choose the right keyword and optimize accordingly, especially for a new site. The most common problem which is being repeated on the newly built websites is that they target to rank on the high volume keywords. It is quite difficult for the newly built site to rank on a high volume keywords. So, explore the low competition keywords of your niche as they will help you in better ranking.

Let Google recognize you, rank on small keyword, get ample of backlinks and soon you start ranking on the high volume keywords too.

So, always do keyword research before preparing content. Some of the finest platforms for keyword research are Google Keyword Planner (free), Ubersuggest (free), Use Long Tail Pro (Paid), Semrush (Paid), KeywordTool.io (Paid).

2. Go well with On-Page

onpage seo
Primarily, the focus of a new website should be on the On-Page SEO in order to rank on Google. For the first 5 to 6 months, just look to produce awesome and useful content for your niche audience. Initially, you can compromise with the Off-Page i.e building backlinks, but the On-Page should be perfect to rank on Google. Few key things to remember while doing On-Page Optimization:

  • Look to create infographics for your blog posts as the time is gone when the people used to read the long text copies.
  • Be very informative and detailed about what you write.
  • In the last few years, the higher percentage of the audience is engaged in Visuals. Therefore, always look to prepare a visual content for your business website or blog.

3. Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Web Design

The recent analysis has completely shown up that the percentage of mobile users is way more than that of Desktop. Therefore, you are way out of the competition if you are not making your website mobile friendly. So, optimize your website for mobile users. If you have a WordPress website, then you may use AMP For WP Plugin for the overall mobile optimization.

4. Focus on Video Content

As we have already mentioned that the era of text content is gone. So, start focusing on creating visual content, no matter you are a Blogger, Business Owner, Affiliate Marketer, or Digital Marketer. Make the presence recognizable by designing a video introduction of your website or product.

5. Optimize Title and Description with Target Keyword

Optimize Title and Description with Target Keyword

Earlier, most of us used to skip the optimization of Title and Meta Description with our targeted keyword and just focused on the high number of backlinks to the website. But, now we would like to make you aware that optimizing the On-Page health is equally important. Get your target keyword in the title in the most useful way. For this, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin, if you are using WordPress.

6. Get Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are something which can help in making your website noticeable to Google, but good content is still necessary. Nothing can be better than possessing high-quality backlinks along with good content. So, look to build the high-quality backlinks as one high-quality backlink from Wikipedia or from any other high authority domain is better than 100’s of low-quality backlinks like bookmarking, etc. So, for the best SEO, produce Informative Content, build Quality Backlinks, and make a visible Social Authority.

7. Be Present on every Social Network

One who has the vision to get high traffic must be on all the social media platforms. Create an interesting and engaging social media profiles and start publishing useful content for your target/ niche audience. Also, you can look to drive huge traffic to your website from social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Medium and Pinterest.

Bonus Tip: Voice Search Revolution – As per the recent analysis, it is been said that 50% of all the searches will be voice-based by 2020. Therefore, your website should be optimized with the local voice search and conversational keywords. Some of the best examples of Voice Search Revolution are Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, etc.

So, these are the 7 actionable tips for perfect SEO in 2019 from the experts of the best digital marketing agency. Implement all these tips and use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to analyze the results. Thanks for reading.

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