Detailed Buyer Personas: A Vital Aspect in Android App Development Process

People won’t “hear” you, or pay attention until you perceive what they perceive. And that’s the reason why user persona is important especially while developing or designing a product.

User persona or buyer personas have the potential to drive the decision-making process. Now have you wondered why a variety of surveys and researches are conducted in creating Android or iOS apps? Simple, it is because these information aids you well in coming up with a product that your target audience would relate to. As soon as you are done with these researches, you conclude by analyzing all the collected points and create a realistic looking persona of the buyer. Of course, personas can be bifurcated on the basis of age, sex, demographic specifications, behavior, attitudes and other pain points. Another exciting benefit of creating a user persona is that it even helps you to address problems or face situations that might haven’t been resolved till now.

Purely created for reference purposes, these bunch of information turns out to be one of the most inexpensive ways to test as well as prioritize features throughout the entire development process. Unfortunately, many companies choose to skip such steps during mobile app development considering themselves to know it all. But as the saying goes, you never know!

The significance of Buyer’s persona to develop an app

#1 Focused Outcomes

One of the significant benefits of buyer persona is that not only you but the entire development team will be focusing on the target audience. Due to the risk of the app being a significant turn-off or fashioning out of interest will get lessened. Moreover, featuring crucial requirements/aspirations of the user will also nullify any confusion that might develop among team members.

#2 Discovers Your Ideal Customers

If we take a close look at the journey in mobile app development sphere, I am sure you must have observed how these small personas can be beneficial you regarding understanding the requirements and needs of your customers. As soon as your Android app is developed, nobody can stop you from receiving the maximum exposure among your ideal customers. Let’s say that the majority of your current and potential customers tend to hang out on Facebook. So what you need to do is market your app on that particular platform.

#3 Consensus among Team Members

All fingers are not the same. Similarly, team members of Android developers carry a variety of skills and expertise indulging in their duties. Whether its iOS or Android app development, both the teams must carry a common opinion about how the outcome will be. So there won’t be any difference in the views among users, administration, and stakeholders. User personas tend to offer a clear concept.

#4 Aids in Product Positioning

With the increasing competition in the market, it becomes essential to come up with a mobile app that can help you overcome problems and challenges while product positioning. By doing this, you will be surely able to make the best use of existing marketing techniques.

#5 Validates Customer Demands by Creating Best

Do you think that finding your potential customers and finding where do the hang out is enough? Finding the needs and desires of your potential customers is essential. And without appropriate validations in place, your mobile app may not be able to comply with their needs and desires.
With buyer persona, however, you can identify their pain-points and address their needs & desires so that you can align your mobile app goals to meet those demands.

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