Top 10 Best Mobile Video Editor Apps You Should Consider in 2018: Editing Like A Pro

Shooting a video is much easier but the way get looking amazing is very tricky. So, to make them more attracting, one has to use video editor apps in smartphones through play store. To edit the video the device needs heaviest storage, RAM and other resources. But its not available in Mobile phones.

There are large number of video Editing software’s are available for both PC and Android with Free of cost and paid versions also. There are number of apps available in Google playstore and can be installed directly. The apps also having more features like editors, trim and video editors which can upload videos in social media such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Filmorago Free Video Editor

Filmorago is a free video editor app for android, it was desined by wondershare. It’s provides so many features. It has some primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding theme, music etc. filmorago has a best feature that is picture in picture it helps to place a second picture on picture. Editor can make square videos for Instagram and YouTube as 1:1 for Instagram and 16:9 for YouTube.

To beautify your video you can make reverse videos, transitions, add text etc. It has a small watermark at the end of the video. Finally after finishing the video you can save the video easily to your device and also you can share the video easily to any social media. The best part is that no ads in this video editor app.


Action Director Video Editor

Action Director is a free online editor and video player, which allows user to shoot movies in action, edit your videos and add cool visual effects. It’s also available for both PC and Android also. Everyone can import clips, edit them, and render video. You can add your own music, trim, cut video, add text and employ slow motion. It also supports 4k videos also.


Adobe Premiere Clip

By using Adobe Premiere Clip you can edit any video from your android device easily, fast and it’s fun to use. Through this app you can create videos through photos or clips which you select from your device. It has the best feature that is it can create the video automatically. You can edit videos, trim, adding transactions, music, filters, effects and more. Weh are having two options when we open the video. Automatic and freeform.


Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music

It is a new generation app and best app for editing videos and it is fast and free app. You want to select any video are photo from your device what you want edit. It has automatic video creation facility. While creating video you can crop video, add effects, texts, music to beauty your video. You can add 50 photos at a time in to the app. It provides two dozens of styles to create a videos. And also you can re-order and customize your video when you export it. This app is not nearly powerful as power director or adobe premiere clip. After completing the video you can save it to camera role in 1080p or 720p. Sharing the created video in social networks is very easy and reliable. It does not display ads.


KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

Kine master provides two options they are empty project and assistant project. It provides powerful features like drag-n- drop. This drag-n-drop technique is very useful to choose different files from your devices very easily. Kine master offers some levels of controls to create videos very quickly. You can add anything during the video and also you can use mp3 files from your device.

It’s provides some samples to create a video freely if u want many you want to purchase. You want to record a video in this app you can record by just clicking on the red button in the control wheel. After completing the video you can add it to the projects list after you can watch it and save it. It has a small watermark on the top right of the video. You want to upgrade pro version you want to pay US$4, AU$5 per month and US$30, AU$40 per year.


VivaVideo: Free Video Editor & Photo Movie Maker

Viva Video has a lot of editing features and through this app, you can design professional videos directly from our android phone. It has a built-in slow motion video maker and slideshow maker. You can cut, paste videos, merge videos and trim them according to your needs through the app. You can share your designed work directly to your social networks easily.


Funimate: Video Editor Effects & Music Video Maker

This is the best video editor for creating fun videos. It is a very easy app for creating videos and it can instantly transform everyday moments into creative videos. It requires sign in before using the app. This app has 15 video filters that can play with control process with fairly painless. It is better for social media posts. With this app, you can get followers and follow others accounts. It is free But it displays ads.


PowerDirector Video Editor App – 4K, Slow Mo & More

Power director is a comprehensive video editor app, it comes with tutorial videos. Power director provides easy editing tools to do work fastly. Power director had a method that is called as timeline editor method, in this you can make college maker also, power director is a fully featured app, it provides 30 different effects to create your video beautifully. It takes some time to get controls but in this app, you can get experience automatically you can make rich videos and professional videos within seconds. Some features are available in the older app if you want full features you want to upgrade to full version. In this version, you can remove watermark, ads etc. in full version you can extract 4k resolution videos also, but this full version is supported for android 4.3 and above versions only.


VideoShow – Video Editor, Video Maker, Beauty Camera

Video show got awards. Video show app is the alternate app of film ago. Video show is a simple and popular app for video editing. It is a user-friendly interface app. it is very easy to use. It has nearly 50 different themes to make your video stylish and also it provides essential functions like live dubbing, adding effects, texts on video, music sound effects, slow motions, emoji’s etc. user can reduce the video size while reducing you never loss the quality of the video . in video show you can shoot videos also.

It has a better shooting experience. video show provides PIP option, PIP provides fantastic backgrounds to your has a variety of texts, fonts to create subtitles for movie maker, the various background music is also available if you want a long song you can add from your device. This app is available in play store for free.

VideoShow - Video Editor,Maker


Magisto Video Editor and Maker

Those who don’t have formal experience magisto is a great app for video editing. This video editor app combines video clips, photos, texts, music, video filters and video effects to create good videos. At the time of creating a video, you just select one are more video clips and a song from your device and the app will automatically create a video within a few seconds. This app uses a sophisticated A.I that analyses the videos and chooses the most fragments. This app is an alternate app of filmoraGo.


ALIVE – Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker is the one of the best free video editor apps currently available on desktop and mobile. You will be able to trim, crop, and reorder video content as well as set focal points. The app also boasts a variety of video effects and you can design your own custom filters, although that functionality isn’t amazingly powerful. It also has the rest of the basics, like music. The app has struggled with some bug issues since it’s major redesign, but it’s still one of the better video editing apps out there. It’s also completely free with ads.

ALIVE Movie Maker for iMovie


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