Domino Mail Conversion Utility: Best Way to Migrate Domino Mailbox

“Hello! from past few years we are using IBM Lotus Notes as the email client in our organization. However, its outdated structure requires client-server infrastructure and several separate servers. Also, it includes a clunky UI, which is difficult for many new team members. Due to all these complexities, we take a big decision i.e., replace Lotus Notes with Office 365. However, migrating from one email platform to another was not an easy task and a single wrong step taken by us can badly affect our whole business. Thus, our technical support team advised us to use Domino Mail Conversion Utility. We got amazing results after using the software and today we are here to share our experience with other users who want to transfer Domino Data.”

No one can ignore the fact that migration from Domino to Exchange Online is rapidly increasing today. It is so because Lotus Notes administration is quite difficult and its maintenance cost is also high in comparison to Office 365. Apart from all this, Notes administrators are declining fast. IBM Notes application manages emails but, Office 365 does it better. Because of all this, big and small IT industries are moving to cloud-based Office 365. However, switching Lotus Notes application is a critical task and requires technical expertise to execute operation successfully. Thus, in this article, we will describe a simple solution which makes the entire migration process easy and simple.

The Domino Mail Conversion utility is a trusted and secure software that helps users to migrate Domino to Exchange Online even without any data loss. The Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool is completely safe to download and operate. It has the ability to transfer multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes into Office 365 in just a few clicks. Also, the software is laden with many eminent features that makes the migration procedure easy.

Domino Mailbox

Prominent Features of Domino Mail Conversion Utility

1. Domino to Office 365 Migration

One can directly export Domino to Exchange Online. For performing this migration, the availability of following factors is compulsory:

  • Live Domino Server environment
  • Credentials of Domino Server
  • Office 365 account credentials

The software allows mailbox mapping to transfer or copy the mailbox data.

2. Import Multiple NSF Files

The software allows to migrate multiple NSF to Exchange Online in a single attempt. Domino server installation is not required to execute this operation. This feature can save a lot of time and it requires:

  • Lotus Notes 9/8.5/8.0/7.0/6.5 installation on the local machine
  • Credentials of MS Office 365 account
  • Office 365 account login details

3. Conversion of IBM Notes Mailbox

This Domino Mail Conversion utility allows the migration of multiple Domino Server mailboxes or IBM Notes NSF files. It has the capability to upload or copy all data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc., stored on the Domino server. The software migrates every user mailbox item with proper mapping.

4. Migrate Selective Mailbox Items

Domino to Exchange Online Migration tool let users move emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals. However, if the user is required to export only selective data items from mailbox then, they can mark the desired data items and the software will export them. Or, one can migrate entire data items present in it altogether.

5. Switch Multiple Lotus Notes Accounts

If you are having multiple Office 365 user accounts under a single domain then, this Domino Mail Conversion utility allows you to execute the transition. This means, users can select any mailbox from Domino Server and can migrate it into any Office 365 account mailbox that is created under the common domain. This feature is available with business edition of the tool.

6. Multiple Office 365 Domains

The enterprise license version of Domino Mail Conversion utility allows to upload the mailbox data into various Microsoft Office 365 domains or tenants. If one has several Office 365 domains to migrate multiple mailboxes of Lotus Notes (should be from the same server or NSF file) to different user mailboxes under various MS Office 365 domains then, it is possible to accomplish this task via this tool.

7. Option to Filter Email Messages

The Lotus Domino to Exchange Online migration tool gives multiple alternatives to filter emails and export the selective data items. To use this feature, one has to define the email received date range in “To” and “From” field. After that, users can export the selective emails of specified time duration.

8. Doc Links and HTML Formatting

During the NSF to Office 365 migration procedure, the tool allows to check or uncheck the option for enabling/disabling HTML formatting and doc links. After checking these options, it will keep the HTML formatting such as Hyperlinks etc., and the links of any integrated document intact.

Why Domino Mail Conversion Utility?

This software help users to perform the migration without any data loss. Also, users can use this tool to migrate the encrypted NSF files which are not accessible. Hence, this Domino Application Migration tool fulfils all the migration needs of users.

Users are migrating to Office 365 because of the complex management of Lotus Notes. Thus, this tool is designed on highly programmed algorithms that execute the migration process while keeping the file internet header intact.

There are many Lotus Domino to Exchange Online migration tools available in the online marketplace. However, some of them are expensive and some include the complicated GUI. It offers a user-friendly interface so that every technical and non-technical user can operate this software without any hassle.

Summing Up

The Domino Mail Conversion utility is one of the best tools to export Domino mailbox data Users who are required to switch from IBM Domino, will find this utility inexpensive and handy. Also, it performs the whole data migration task very quickly. Users can try the free version of this tool to check if this software meets their requirements. Demo version of the tool, will export and convert first 25 items/folders from Domino to O365.

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Don’t forget to share this article!