What’s Next for Cloud Computing: Trends in 2018

It’s clear that cloud computing is fundamental to the next wave of digital development. Cloud computing is undoubtedly a groundbreaking concept that has completely transformed the face of technology. To put it another way, cloud computing has led to an exponential growth of the IT industry. The delivery of top-notch cloud services like servers, storages, databases, networking, and software analytics over the internet has helped the IT industry reach new heights.

But, in order to stay ahead of the curve, one has to keep pace with the advancements in technology. The same goes for cloud computing as well. With the advent of the New Year 2018, cloud computing will also witness some latest trends. So, it’s time to rise above the mundane and adopt these novel trends.

Customized Cloud Computing Models:

According to a survey, Software as a service (Saas) is predicted to grow at the rate of 18% CAGR, Platform as a service (Paas) at the rate of 56% CAGR and Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) will have a market of approximately $17.5 billion in 2018. The rising demand and popularity of cloud computing have made it necessary for the cloud providers to come up with a customized plan i.e. Enterprise Cloud services for the infrastructure and software requirements of the users.

Shield Against Cyber-attacks

The growing importance of cloud computing calls for advanced security too. The cyber-attacks like Ransomware, WannaCry, etc. are a wakeup call that it’s high time for cloud management to come up with exceptional cloud security options. The robust security mechanisms like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Malware Detection Systems offer incredible cloud security services which the businesses should opt for.

Multiple Data Centers

Date Centre

Cloud computing is now becoming an integral part of the current technology. With more and more organizations switching over to cloud platform, the Cisco survey estimates a storage capacity of about 1.1 ZB in 2018. Hence, the cloud providers will be required to come up with multiple online data centers with massive storage capacity for the organizations to store ample amount of data.

A Blend of Public and Private Clouds:

Instead of going for a single cloud platform, a perfect blend of private and public clouds is one of the latest trends to be followed in 2018. The combination of both the cloud platforms is known as the Hybrid Cloud Solutions. In order to create a niche for themselves, the businesses prefer coming up with APIs on platforms for multiple solutions using the hybrid cloud platform.

Internet of Clouds (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in technology. It involves physical objects that are connected to each other and are accessible through the internet. The IT organizations can connect and manage devices spread over a large area, analyze data in real-time, and implement changes as and when required. Cloud computing and IoT go hand in hand as IoT operation depends on the cloud platform.

Incredible Internet Quality

More data centers mean excellent services for the customers. And, to live up to all their expectations is no less than a Herculean task. Hence, this clearly means that the cloud providers should strive to improve the delivery of services with enhanced internet quality and speed. So, in 2018 we expect to see a shift from gigabyte LTE speeds to full 5G networks.

Following these latest cloud computing trends will help you carve a niche for yourself in the world of cloud computing.

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