Core Tips to Improve Your Animation Production Skills

The pathway to becoming a professional animator is an arduous one as you have to maintain stability in the quality, content and the outreach of your animated content. The process of animation creation might sound difficult but it solely requires a person’s utmost dedication to render and produce animations that yield great results.

Ever since the emergence of the internet and mobile app technology, businesses and individuals are looking to be distinctive and for that reason, they have the need to rely on digital marketing techniques. Animations are also becoming a prominent part of marketing so you must have observed that people tend to prefer working with a video animation company. Therefore, if you want to become an animator that is recognized on a global scale, here is everything you should know:

Tips to Improve Your Animation Production Skills

Work on Facial Expressions

While it is self-explanatory that the anatomy of your characters need to be accurate but the same importance is also given to the facial expressions. That is essential as your goal is to capture the viewer’s attention and if your character does not exhibit any form of emotion then the viewers would not be able to build a feeling of association with the animation. This notion is known as establishing a bond of emotional connection since the facial expressions would be more human-like than unmoving.

Save the Editing Controls

Most animation tools consist of controls for aligning the structure of the characters or projects present in the video. Since characters are made up of more than one control, you would have to alter between the key controls often. If you do not save these panels while you are drawing then the rest of the animated content would differ from the previous ones. In order to keep track of the controls you have used, frame or save them in the software so that it does not become an issue later on.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity works the best when you are creating an animation. The key success of an animated video is judged by how memorable and recognizable it is. People always demand simplicity as viewing too many complicated objects or elements at once can ruin the visibility of the video. That, in turn, would lead to people skipping away from your video and that is not right. Always make sure that the storyboarding is memorable, the art style is simple and the duration of the video is no more than 60 seconds.

Do not Compromise on the Resolution

If your video is rendered perfectly but the final outcome is presented in a low resolution so do you believe that anyone would want to watch it? Neglecting this part is never the right thing as it ends up in ruining the handwork and dedication you put into the video creation. If you want to be just with your or someone else’s work then select a high-quality resolution before you even begin the animation process. Low-resolution videos tend to tarnish the visibility, appeal and the message portrayed in the video. If your goal is to reach up to the level of professional animation production then do not forget to overlook this factor.

Understand What Your Audience Wants

The preferences of your audience prevail over what you intend to portray in the video. If the animated video is for branding purposes then the prime step needs to be about the analysis of what your audience desires to see in the animation. Another important factor is related to the logic and authenticity of the video. If you portray something that is not easily understandable to the viewer then the animation would become purposeless. Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers and analyze every intricate detail that would matter to them and how you should exhibit it.

Make it Recognizable

The entire purpose of having a logo is to build a significant brand identity. Many renowned brands such as Nike and Pepsi are known on a global scale because of how well designed their logos are. The same notion is applied to animated videos. In order for an animation to stick out, you would need to add memorable elements to it. It is not set in stone that the visuals, patterns, and elements you use are always predefined but you need to keep the visuals simple so that the audience is able to recall what they saw and what type of message it contained.

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