Top 8 Digital Marketing Ideas, Tips, and Strategies for Construction Business

A construction business is about as ‘offline’ as industries get. Your sites and employees are engaging in what’s a very ‘hands on’ business – but that doesn’t mean you should forget about digital marketing strategies. The best construction businesses have an online presence – but your expertise is likely to be in very different fields. We’ve put together top 8 digital marketing ideas, tips, and strategies for your construction business that will help you keep up.

1. Get Social

You might not consider Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the place for construction companies – but you’d be wrong!

Get Social

As social media gains a solid foothold with audiences of all ages, you’ll find that more and more of your customers have profiles – and they’re likely to be interested in the information you’re sharing. Create social media business pages across the most popular platforms, it’s a brilliant way to share the work you’re doing and a little more about your brand, principles and services.

2. Engage with customers

When you have social media accounts you’ll find that unless you’re engaging with people they will sit empty. As such, why not share some of your expertise by searching for groups, individuals and other companies that would value your input? Whether that’s searching by # (hastag) on Twitter or looking for groups on Facebook, offering your expert advice and unique knowledge can win you a lot of fans.

3. Write great content


Your sharing of knowledge doesn’t have to be done just on social media. Many construction firms choose to have a blog – from which they share expert industry knowledge, offer help to others and showcase jobs they’re working on.

You should consider sharing some of your knowledge. It might sound counterproductive, but in reality, great written content is a key factor in why people choose to work with particular firms. Consider it a CV or reference, the better it is, the more appealing you look to potential clients and customers.

5. Share Your Successes

If looking at construction companies on social media is new to you you’re likely to be amazed by the popularity of pictures and information about great looking projects.

UK flooring specialist EcoFlor showcase a range of there completed projects here with a write up and project report on each one. Giving people this kind of information helps them to envisage the wide range of services you offer – and can therefore put you at the front of the list when they’re choosing a company to work with.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Name Drop

When potential clients visit your website or social media pages they’re likely to be looking for evidence that you’re a solid, reputable company they can trust.

There’s no better way to prove this than sharing some of the company names and logos of organisations you currently or have previously worked with. Consider it a ‘reference’ of sorts. It also gives a potential client opportunity to go away and talk to the company directly, getting some feedback about the service you’ve provided. People love third party recommendations – so give them the chance to get them!

7. Embrace Email Marketing

Email is generally a company’s favorite way to communicate – so why not leverage this to your own advantage. Email marketing always has a place, it’s your letter box straight to interested individuals and companies – but you have to make the emails you send interesting – otherwise people will just hit that unsubscribe button, never to be seen again!

Why not create a newsletter that covers some general construction industry news, some information on the projects you’re working on, offers for subscribers and some insights into your business and your people.

8. Outsource

If the world of digital marketing sounds like something that would overstretch your day, why not consider finding someone who will do it on your behalf?


There’s a world of digital marketing experts online – and browsing through freelancer platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and PeoplePerHour can put you in touch with people who’ll handle your digital marketing needs at a fraction of the cost you’d pay if you took someone on full time. They also come with a mass of their own knowledge, so often have a headstart on you if you’re just dipping your toe into the marketing arena.

8. Advertise

Construction companies tend not to prolifically advertise online – and that can be a very good thing for you and your business when finding new customers through online platforms. Advertising online can be extremely well targeted, so where a newspaper advert would see you exposed to everyone who reads that publication, online advertising can be a lot more specific. Take Facebook’s method for example:

You create an advert that showcases your firm and your services, you then select a budget (anywhere from £5+ per day) that you want to set a maximum. From here, you can select an audience who will see your advert – so if you have a particular geographical area, age range of customer, typical gender of customer – and so forth, then you can make sure only people that meet that criteria get to see your advert.

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Nigel is a leader in flooring solutions having been in the industry for close to 2 decades. He also owns a business called which installs commercial flooring for some of the largest companies in the world.

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