Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Digital marketing is a fast developing field that is growing with a rapid speed due to enormous technological development. By the time, it is easily observe that various advanced software, new hardware and evolving strategies are coming. So to be stand in the market, marketer should keep himself updated with these new and big trends.

Avoidance of implementing these changes will surely impart a loss of lots of opportunities. According to an online survey, it is assumed that approx $10 billion more will be spend by the companies in 2018 on digital marketing as compared to that in 2019.

Digital marketing has always played a significant role in a business of this competitive era. To keep yourself in the market, it is essential to adopt the advanced tools and new trends.

There are the following ten digital marketing trends, which are predicted that will dominate the 2018’s digital market.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the primary weapon that creates a significant difference in any business. So if you are in a business, you need to have a blog about it. Creating content whether in any format like written, visual or video about your business surely increase the sale of your products. It is observed online that the companies maintain their blog generate 67% more monthly sales as compare to the companies who do not do so. It is the best way to attract the users towards the products and also maintain their digital position in the market.

Mobiles Marketing

A time ago mobiles were taken as second screens after desktops. But the trend has been changed by now. Since the digital market has seen the flow of mobiles and tablets, the usage of mobile devices has overtaken the usage of desktops. In comparison to the desktops, mobiles are the primary device to the people for browsing the web. If we take a look around us, we find everyone is engaged with their smartphones. So now would not be a strange thing if we say digital marketing will have more faith no mobiles as of desktops.

Video Advertisement

Video Advertisement

It is well known that TV was the first device that set the trend of video advertisement. During the TV era, the video ads generated handsome revenue to the business organization without any doubts. The trend has drifted to the mobile device, which is now established itself as the best device for the people to go through the personalized contents.

Everyone is aware with the power of video ads. Facebook, Bing, YouTube, Snapchat and Periscope are some of the platforms for video advertisement.

Wearable Technology and Internet of Things

Wearable techs like Google Glass and Apple watches are the new trend in the digital marketing universe. We can expect them to be the Virtual reality and Internet of Things are big topics of talk in the tech world these days. We saw the unveiling of the Apple watch last year while other tech giants were also already working on similar technologies. We can expect to see similar wearable devices emerging out this year to leave their mark in the market.

Email Marketing with Good Email

The marketers will keep you sending the emails with schemes and best offers in their newsletters, which will keep your inbox full in the coming too. For marketers, email has always been an effective tool to reach their potential clients. This year and beyond, email will always remain in the list of every marketing strategist.

Digital Assistants

The rise of digital assistants seem like the things we see in the Sci-Fi movies aren’t very far in the future. These digital assistants utilize traditional search engines to discover information present on the web. Marketers have been using the strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC) to boost their websites and get their sites seen by thousands of previously unknown visitors. So, 2018 is set to see the new kind of search optimization strategies to play along with these new players in the market.

Social Media Advertising


According to recent studies, social media surpasses even entertainment as the number one online activity. This outpour clearly parallels the increase in mobile device usage. Social media is one of the top referral traffic sources for many brands. In 2018 and beyond, social media will continue to rule the world of internet, so marketers must align more of their focus in incorporating social media into their overall marketing strategies.

Ad Blockers will be Preying on Ads

Where there are ads, there are ad blockers. Studies show that 74% of consumers are frustrated with websites when the content on the page they browse has nothing to do with their interests.

The ads are no more than a nuisance when they pop up in the wrong place in the wrong time. Google decided to block the ad blocking apps from the Google Play Store last year. But ad blocking won’t go out of trend as long as there are ads. 2018 will be the year for ad blocker apps to find their way back into the game.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics became a new trend since the late years of the last decade. With the new tools and platforms to analyze and track customer behaviors and patterns, reaching out to the right customer with the right service has never been as easy as this before.

This data driven effort of marketing is being practiced and is likely to be continued to the far future. Content Curation Tools, Content Recommendation, Re targeting and Effectiveness Review Tool and Rationalization; we’ll be hearing about more of these data hungry tools in 2017 as well. This data driven effort of marketing is being practiced and is likely to be continued to the far future.

Paid Search Marketing

You’ve noticed that Google and other search engines return search results in two ways; one the organic results and the other the paid results. Google Ad Words are the paid results that are displayed to you when you make a search relevant to them. The race of Search Engine Optimization was on when search engines like Google took on the job of finding data and information on the web.

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