5 Best Duplicate File Cleaner Software

Duplicate files form digital junk on your device that not only occupies valuable disk space but ti also affects system performance negatively. While these files could accumulate on your system due to various reasons there are certain ways available to deal with this digital junk. Let’s discuss best duplicate files cleaner tools to help you de-duplicate your system storage.

5 Best Duplicate File Cleaner/Fixer Software to Clean or fix Duplicate files easily on Mac & Windows: Unbiased Review 2018

1. Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer works on advanced algorithms to identify all duplicate file formats accurately. You can use this tool to scan, find and remove all types of identical files including texts, audio, videos, photos, documents and more. Here, it creates a backup of your data before deleting it so that you can restore the data when needed. It offers folder exclusion where you can keep any folder excluded from the scan process. It allows you to set scan criteria to get more comprehensive scan results. It also displays scan history and helps you adjust the settings for more accurate results. In addition to cleaning your internal drives, it also supports cleaning external drives when needed.

Duplicate File DeleterDuplicate File Deleter

This powerful tool provides you an easiest and safest way to find and clean all types of duplicate files. It works automatically to help you scan, detect and remove duplicate photos, documents, music files, and other media files instantly. Here, you can even select your own extension list as well. It is built on smart UWP to provide you modern Windows look & feel. You can enjoy this tool on all Windows 10 devices. After scanning the files, it displays results in groups for easy viewing & management. In the results, it keeps the original file at the top of the results and other duplicate files below as auto-marked to be deleted. To view any file detail, you simply need to hover over the file and it will show you complete file path.

3. AntiDupl


AntiDupl offers instant and effective de-duplication to your device storage where it scans duplicate files even from the remotest corners of your device. Its advanced search engines help you find & delete all types of similar and exact match files accurately. It even allows you to find and remove images with some defect. Thus, you can streamline your photo collection effortlessly. This smart tool supports multiple languages to help users around the world. AntiDupl is one of the best duplicate file cleaner software that helps you recover GBs of storage effortlessly.

4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder is a simple yet effective tool that helps you de-duplicate your device storage in few clicks. It helps you find and delete all types of duplicate files including duplicate photos, videos, music files, documents and more. It works on “CRC32 Checksum + File Size” techniques to deliver accurate results. During the scan process, it identifies identical files based on same name, same size and same content to deliver accurate results. Further, it allows you to preview files before deletions for easy file management. You can use this nifty tool for instant and effective results.

5. AllDup


Use this powerful tool to search & remove all types of duplicate files automatically. During the search process, it will match the similarity level based on same name and same content to deliver highly accurate results. Here, it will search identical files in different folders, drives, different media storage, and external drives when selected. Once it completes scanning of your device storage, it will move all deleted files to recycle bin. It is useful to recover files when needed. You can even move files to separate folder as per your need and recover it effortlessly.


Duplicate files could cause major performance issues on your system. Thus, it is safe to find and delete these unnecessary files at regular intervals. Here, best duplicate files cleaner tools can help you do that. These tools work on advanced algorithms to get instant and effective results.

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