Which eCommerce Platform is The Best Choice for Your Online Store?

When start online store, there many things to take into consideration. one of the important consideration to use to power your eCommerce website.

I have worked for many search engine marketing agency and do a lot of eCommerce work for our clients. Thus what you are about to read is solely based on my experience working with the following e-commerce platforms.

Two major categories with eCommerce platforms: Self hosted and Hosted. Self hosted means they will provide you with software, but you have to get your own hosting. Hosted means that the company will host your store.

For stability purposes, I would recommend going with hosted versions because you always have dedicated support and chances of it going down due to hosting are slim to none. The downside of hosted software is that you will have to pay a monthly fee, and sometimes it can be pretty high.

There are a lot more reasons which we haven’t mentioned but essentially you really need to know, Now I am sharing with you top rated and best e-commerce platforms for online stores infographics. Which will be more helpful!


Which E-Commerce Platform is The Best Choice for Your Online Store?

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