Get More Website Conversions Through eCommerce Website Design

A well-designed e-commerce website can not only help you reach a larger number of visitors, but can also make it easier to convert those visitors into buyers. Making some simple design changes to your existing site may help you increase your conversion rate. This, in turn, will boost your overall bottom line. eCommerce website design optimization involves making changes to the look and feel of your site, as well as the experience people will have when they visit.

Unless your site is designed to convert visitors into paying customers, it won’t matter how much traffic you bring in or how much money you spend on advertising. Optimizing your site usually results in a dramatic increase in your conversion rate. That means that you can get a higher rate of return on your advertising dollars. The tips below should help you create an excellent customer experience that results in more sales.

Look at your website through the eyes of your visitors

Pretend that you know absolutely nothing about your business. Take an honest look at your website. As you do, consider the following questions:

  1. Can visitors identify what types of products you sell within a matter of seconds?
  2. Does your site look trustworthy enough to convince people that their credit card information is safe if they place an order?

If, after an honest assessment, you determine that your site is lacking in either of these areas, you need to put some effort into improving it. Making some of the following changes to the design of your site can help make it much more effective.

Opt for a simple design that’s not cluttered

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Ultimately, you want your visitors to be focused on your products – not on the design of your site. By opting for a simple, clean design, your products will have a chance to shine. As a result, customers will have a much easier time finding what they need. The easier they can find what they need, the more likely you’ll make a sale.

Adding featured products to your home page may help influence additional purchases. In fact, Oneupweb conducted a study that found that more than 70% of online shoppers were influenced by featured products on the homepage of a site. To get excellent results with this technique, consider featuring your best-selling products. Avoid the temptation to try to increase traffic or sales for products that are currently being ignored. By highlighting products that are already selling well, you stand a much better chance of capturing the attention of visitors. Being able to pique their interest the moment that they land on your homepage is a great way to entice them to check out the other products that you have available.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you

Making online sales is all about building trust. One way to do that is by putting your phone number on each and every page of your site. This information should be prominently displayed at the top of your site. Customers are far more likely to trust a website that has their contact information clearly posted. Not only does it show that you are a legitimate business, but it also lets customers know that you are available to help them if they need it.

Identify any concerns a customer may have

Think about common concerns that customers may have about placing an order and address them ahead of time. For instance, many people worry about whether or not they will be able to return a product if it doesn’t work out. Clearly posting your return policy on your site can help alleviate this concern, making shoppers more likely to place an order.

High shipping costs can also deter customers. In fact, according to a study done by Forrester, just under half of all carts are abandoned because of excessively high shipping fees. The price of the products and the ability to return them if they don’t work out are also important concerns to address.

If you offer any incentives like free shipping or no-hassle returns, let your customers know by posting short blurbs about them prominently on your site. Add as many details as you can so that customers fully understand the incentives. For instance, if you offer free shipping on orders over $25, make sure to specify the dollar amount rather than just posting a general notice stating that you offer free shipping. That way, customers won’t be disappointed when they find out about the $25 minimum during the checkout process. The last thing that you want is to surprise anyone at the last minute with unexpected expenses. That is a surefire way to get them to exit their shopping cart and take their business somewhere else.

Clearly mark pricing on all items

Don’t make people guess how much something costs. Always make sure that your pricing is prominently displayed and that it is accurate. This includes not only the cost of your products but also the cost of shipping.

Clearly mark pricing on all items

Researchers have found that people abandoned eCommerce shopping carts not only because of high shipping costs, but also because the products were more expensive than they anticipated when they added them to their cart. In some cases, people also abandoned their carts because the shipping costs were not specified upfront and came as an unwelcome surprise during the checkout process. The vast majority of abandoned carts are the result of problems with product pricing or shipping costs.

The study by Oneupweb that was previously mentioned also discovered that more than 95% of the participants were influenced by product pricing and shipping costs when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. By making your costs transparent and keeping your customers informed of any additional expenses that they will have to pay, you’ll increase your chances of making a sale.

The price of each product should be displayed in a place where customers can easily find it. You should also have your shopping cart automatically calculate any shipping or tax-related fees in real time so that shoppers know the grand total of their purchase at any given moment.

Make your site more trustworthy to generate more sales

When you think about the fact that more than three-quarters of online shoppers consider the trustworthiness of a site when making a purchase, it is easy to see why building trust is so important.

One good way to make your site more trustworthy is by displaying trust marks that people are already familiar with. When people see brands or organizations that they trust listed on your site, it automatically makes your site seem more trustworthy.

Consider having your business validated by prominent organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. You can then place their logos on your site in an area where it is easy for customers to see. Another simple way to increase trust is by putting the logos of the major credit cards that you accept on your site. If you sell any well-known brands, you can also include their logos.

Add honest reviews to your website

Add honest reviews

Reviews and testimonials provide people with social proof that your site is trustworthy and that you sell high-quality products. Go through some of the reviews that you have received in the past, looking for any that really stand out as being well written and positive. Post several of the best reviews on the front page of your site as testimonials. Seeing positive feedback from their peers can make visitors much more likely to make a purchase.

Relatively easy to implement, these eCommerce website design tips will have a strong impact on your website. It’s well worth putting some time into tweaking your site so that you can maximize your conversions and drive more sales.

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Don’t forget to share this article!