The world is getting closer with the technological advancements that are continuously ushering into the web arena. For the business personnel, who are more into the e-commerce business, getting in user’s’ attention matters for their business. More click through and open rates benefit the business and ultimately the ranking of the websites.

With innovative methods of checking the emails, now users have the freedom to read the emails over their smartphones. The ease of checking the emails has created a whole new group of clients who find it a better option to read and respond to the emails on their mobile devices only. This has further created a new competition among the service providers to make the emails more engaging through email engagement methods.

What is email engagement?

Engaging the clients with the content, subject matter and the overall appearance of the email is termed as email engagement. The approach is all about the ways that can hold the attention of the clients for longer towards the services that have been marketed with the approach.

To hold the attention of the clients, service providers use a number of methods. Right from making the subject line engaging to offering attention to every single aspect of the same, service providers effectively look for the ways to grab readers through these services.

How Can You Make Your Emails More Engaging for Mobile?

Email on Mobile-minThe methods for making emails much more engaging for the customers differs with the kind of services businesses deals into. It is the nature of the product and the search pattern for that particular service that defines the best the kind of steps that should be taken for making the email engaging for the clients as well as for the customers.

For a general approach, engaging emails are developed with an attention-grabbing subject line. It is just the start but means a lot for creating the “engaging email” successfully. Images and a great content are the next two pillars that need to be defined well over the email. It would serve greatly to have a short story there in the email. Emails having the right blend of all these techniques have great chances of success.

Additionally, emails having such components fit perfectly to the screens of the mobile having responsiveness included as well. Here are some well-researched techniques that make emails more engaging for the smartphones.

Focus on the designing and the visualization

The look of emails is the first element of introduction for the readers. An average time of 3 seconds is more than enough for this element to get noticed well by the users. In case it fails in the attempt, the users may ignore the email completely.

In addition to it, visual aspect also holds importance and thus, it is recommended to use templates that have 400*300 pixels width. The colors must be bright that could complement your brand. For providing the best experience to the reader, consider the use of small fonts.

Streamlining the headlines and the content

Streamlined headlines create an impact on the readers and they are more likely to open the email that will further generate higher email open rates for the business. It is a fact that a good subject line makes readers open and read the mail thereafter. A pre-header below the subject line is sure to grab in more clients for the business.

Meaningful subject lines will give a hint to the customers about the subject of the mail and in case they are interested in the same, they are surely going to open the same. Thus, service providers with an engaging subject line can attract more and more clients for the business.

The benefit of call to action

call to action logo-minCall to action offers a proper communication medium for the customers to react on the email that has been sent to them. It is a tappable button for the clients to respond on the services or the products that have been marketed through the email. The most important thing to keep in the mind while designing the button is that it should be bold and clear.

The placement is ideal on the left with a button having a minimum 40*40 pixels size. It is an ideal medium for the clients to get connected with the service providers.

Compatibility with several elements

The emails compatibility with the major email clients holds utmost important when designing emails specifically for the mobiles. It is always good that your mail is getting support on different email clients. In addition to this, the email must have components to auto-scale the same depending upon the font width of the preferred email client.

Your email must have HTML and image support so that it could scale well and does not overlap when viewed on any of the platforms.

Contextual significance

It is not only worth to embedding the elements but also establishing a proper connection between the different elements. Your email will be considered a successful one if it has got all the metrics perfectly. In addition to this, engaging the clients with an outstanding yet simple write-up will also matter.

Besides the contextual part, it is also important to use soothing colors as well as images for the email. A proper email made properly with the support of all these engaging email creation tips is sure to win the hearts of the clients. if the users come across a perfectly embedded, vibrant, concise, easy-to-navigate mobile friendly email, they are sure to give a look on the same. With the definite clicks on the mobile, the email conversion is sure to grow more and offer the related benefits to the service providers.

The ways listed here are exceptionally great to increase the email engagement on the smartphones. Thus, give these suggestions a thought if you are one among the service providers.

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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