Email Intelligence: The Best Email Analytic Techniques For Marketers

The bigger and better email marketing tools have changed the approach of email practices that were prevailing till fester years. Now there are better techniques with the service providers to know the details of particular emails on the aspects that include how did the campaign perform? Or how many readers have actually read the email and how many of them have just deleted the same. It has become possible with techniques like email intelligence that is steadily making its mark in the related field.

Email IntelligenceToday the job of email marketers has gone far beyond than just considering the successful email delivery. In the present scenario, the responsibility of these professionals also lies in measuring and knowing the micro-level statistics, unsubscribed rate, bounce rate, click-through, open rates and more specifically knowing your customers better and their expectations in the best way possible. A close look at all these elements is a way for the service providers for taking the email marketing objectives to the next level.

If we talk about the email campaigning, the priority falls in maximizing the email engagement in addition to boosting the actionable components. A profound email campaign has a properly analyzed data that works for maximizing the return on investment for the service providers. In this write-up, we are going to talk more about email marketing techniques and the ways for the best email analytic approach.

Use of dashboards

Email Dashboards

Email analytics dashboards offer the information on the performance of email campaigns with the aspects including open rates, complaint rates, unsubscribe rate, and much more.

It makes the data more meaningful and action driven as well. In order to make the available data more specific, it is advised to add “goals” and then running the A/B testing to know more about the performance of the campaign among the set of targeted audiences.

The “goal” over your dashboard is the parameter that is set depending upon the email campaigning targets. The goals can be set as “guests’ visit to the website”, “number of replies on the particular email”, “a minimum stay of let’s say 2 or 5 minutes”, or a combination of all these metrics.

Reporting on hours of particular days or weekdays

Making the use of reports on the email clicks, fresh email subscription, unsubscribed rates that are based on the time of the day or day/days of the week is a great medium to optimize the next email campaign. The results based on these metrics can take the email campaigning to the next level.

The results of the campaigns will help the service providers to know the most responsive time of the day when emails can be forwarded to the readers and they will actually respond the same.

With this particular email intelligence technique, you can remain familiar with the email behavior of the subscribers, which is a stepping stone to becoming one known service provider.

Benefits of email conversion tracking

Email conversion has marked its presence as the most reputed email intelligence technique that any service provider would love to know about. This is an exceptional tool to measure and control ROI. A reputed email marketer will always have the track record of the web pages visits, sales, sign-ups that occur on the websites.

By adding a simple tracking code to the websites that have been visited will help service providers know more of the email behavior of the clients. This will additionally help in knowing the email conversions.

Once the quarterly, half-yearly or yearly data is gathered, it is now time for you to analyze the campaigns that contributed towards the same. The information can be further analyzed to make the next campaign more meaningful.

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Investment in renowned marketing tools

email Marketing_ToolsInvestment in a good marketing tool is recommended as it automatically generates reports that are very much beneficial. These are the reports in the form of graphs that are easy to read and analyze as well.

The report further helps to identify the weak areas of the email campaigns for better response on the results. Depending upon the results of the campaign, next email can be planned in a more specific way.

There are a number of options available in the email marketing tools today; customizing them helps in blending the elements in the desired way for providing a better experience to the clients.

Getting statics from social sharing platforms

The social buzz from different networking sites can help in customizing the campaign to a great extent. Getting one developed particularly to be used for email campaigning needs will help to get stats in the form of tweet counts and comments on other social networking sites.

The popularity of your campaign on any particular networking site will aid in determining the popular platforms that respond the best to your campaign. With the result analysis, you can further work on the approaches that could be used to get most out of that channel to make the campaigns more robust and user-centric as well.

Having so many advantages, it is clear that email intelligence is just an exceptional technique to improve the overall email campaign performance. It is going to offer fruitful results to the service providers when they are ready to design a new campaign. In addition to it, the record of the specific data from the campaigns will always be there to be utilized for future purposes, which is just great to improve the efficiency of shooting the targeted emails to the clients. In addition to it, subscribing to a renowned email marketing campaign reduces the efforts that service providers are likely to make for structuring the data in the best way possible.

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