Know How to Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail Easily

Migrating important contacts from one computer to another is essential to maintain communication with clients, vendors, and others. Email clients and contacts play a vital role to establish any communication. Yet, when it comes to choosing a modern, flexible, and reliable email application for Windows, users prefer Microsoft Outlook. Additionally, users also have a better and secure option, i.e., Apple Mail. It is an excellent computer operating system from Apple Inc. Apple Mail is a solid, powerful, and easy to use email program designed for OS X that supports IMAP/POP3 based email accounts.

Today, many users are replacing their Outlook with Apple Mail however, they do not know that how to export contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail. In order to resolve the same query of users, we have come up with this editorial. Here, we have compiled an easy and cost-effective workaround for the same. Nevertheless, before going to the solution section, let us take a quick glance at a user query to understand the scenario more clearly:

“Hello! I recently installed Apple Mail on my newly purchased OS X system. Now, I want to access my Outlook contacts from Mac Book. However, I do not know that how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail. Please, someone, suggest me any manual or automatic method to execute this task without any data loss. Thank you!”

Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail

To access your Outlook contacts from Mac address book, you have to go through a two-phase manual procedure. In the first step, we will export Outlook contacts to a comma-separated value (CSV) plain-text spreadsheet. After that, we have to import this CSV file in Apple Mail. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines now:

Step 1: Export Outlook Contacts to CSV

    • Launch Microsoft Office Outlook 2010
    • Go to the Outlook toolbar and click on File tab then, choose Options menu
    • Navigate to the left pane and click on the Advanced >> Export
    • Import and Export wizard will open now. Here in Choose an action to perform box, select the Export to a file option. Hit the Next button
    • Now, from the Create a file type box, choose Comma Separated Values (.csv) option and click on the Next button
    • Note: The CSV is just similar to an Excel file, however, the header is there.
    • In the Select folder to Export from the wizard, highlight Contacts option, and click on Next to continue move Outlook contacts to Apple Mail process
    • Select Browse button from the Export wizard to choose a destination for the output CSV file
    • Hit the Next button
    • Note: If you have multiple Contacts folders then, you cannot export them all at once. You have to export them individually
    • Click on the Finish button to begin exporting

After performing all above steps to export contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail, your Microsoft Outlook contacts will be successfully exported to a CSV file. Then, follow the next step to import Outlook contacts into Mac Mail.

Step 2: Import Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail

  • First, launch Address Book on your Mac Mail
  • Then, click on the File menu and select Import from the context menu. Click on the Text file
  • Now, in the Open dialog box, highlight Outlook contacts file and hit Open button
  • In the newly opened window, make sure that Ignore first card option is checked
  • This time, you can search all contacts in ol-contacts.csv column
  • However, if you are not required to import all the information about contacts then, click on Do not import option and select the desired data items you want to import
  • After that, click on the OK button to end up the export contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail process.

Note: The manual steps described in the upper section, are applicable for Outlook 2010 and  MacBook OS X. The steps may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of Outlook.

There are some users who find the above manual solution a little bit tricky and time-consuming, so they search for a relevant third-party tool to move MS Outlook contacts into Mac Mail Address Book. For this, there are many software available in the market to export contacts from Outlook account to Mac account in a hassle-free way. One can opt any pertinent solution to import Outlook Address Book to Mac Mail account without losing any data.

Concluding Lines

As Mac PCs are becoming more and more popular nowadays thus, many individuals are switching from Windows OS to Macs. With this, users also need to migrate data from Windows to Mac supported email clients. Export contacts from Outlook 2010 to Apple Mail is one such common example of this data migration procedure. But, there are many users who do not know that how to export Outlook contacts to Apple Mail. Thus, to resolve this task, we have discussed one manual solution in the above article. The described method is not so complicated, however, if someone is not familiar with the technical terms mentioned in manual technique, then they can opt a trusted third-party tool.

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Don’t forget to share this article!