The Ultimate Guide to Make Free Education App for iPhone

This content is for schools, universities, and colleges that want to make their own application to improve communication between teachers and students. They can learn about useful tips to make free education app that based on iOS platform.

Today, the entire world is changing and so does the way students study. With the advancement in the technology, the training and education segment is going through an amazing phase. The communication between teacher and student is no longer limited to just classrooms, but now they can discuss different chapters, doubts, and get guidance anytime and from anywhere.

make-best-apps-for-educationGradually, the old and traditional way of education will disappear soon. Even, various mobile app developers have directed their attention to the educational sphere with increasing demand for independent studying and education apps.

When it comes to education apps, there are various best educational apps for iPhone available on the Apple App Store, but if you are looking forward to breaking a new ground in the educational industry and want to make your own education application, you can go through this blog and find highly useful tips to make a free education app for iPhone.

What Stats Are Saying About Education App Industry?

E-learning has changed the entire picture of education as it saves almost 50% when it replaces traditional teacher-student education system. As per the reports, in 2014, there were 46% of college students, who took at least one course online; however, by 2019, more than 50% of all the college classes will be online, enabling their students to participate in any course of their choice.

As per, the worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion US dollars in 2020 that is up from 3.4 billion U.S dollars in 2011. In the above-given graph, you can see that from 2011, the m-education is increased constantly and by 2020, the market will reach 37.8 billion US dollars.

Types of Education Applications

Education ApplicationPlayful Learning

Playful learning applications are highly enjoyed by people as these apps are funny and open-minded. As play is considered as the primary mode of learning for most young children. Such education apps mirror the free play your child enjoys at home like pretending in the kitchen, developing with blocks, playing dress-up, driving trucks, etc. These types of education apps are the best for your kids as they can get encouraged and learn through play and creativity.


These types of applications are mainly generating a question in children’s mind and ask them to choose between three or four choices. Such types of applications can be good for homework and extra practice. They have a number of benefits compared to sheets of paper and pencils. These apps will work wonderfully for test prep and direct one-step content practice.

Interactive Encyclopedias

Interactive encyclopedias are a lot easy when it comes to see videos and pictures and play games in the application. Such types of apps prove highly useful as students are exploring topics in detail.

Puzzles and Traditional Games

Currently, you can find various puzzle, memory, matching and other classic learning games that obtainable in app form. Such types of apps have the potential to support cognitive development in the same way as traditional games like encouraging reasoning skills through a game.

Theme Experiences

Theme Experiences is another type of education that allows students or children to delve into different themes that interest them. No matter in which subject student is interested, they can explore that subject and get into detail. It is not less than the going to the library and getting some books.

It doesn’t matter what type of education application you want to make, but you need to ensure that the students you are targeting can easily use your application. Moreover, you need to prioritize the list of features and include highly demanded features.

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Top Features That Can Make Your Education App Unique

Education App FeatureInstant & Flexible Search Option: When making an education application, it is must that you include an instant and flexible search option that allows students to search their desired information in the application. Without seeing other information, students can search what they are looking for so that they can save their time and directly get an anticipated information.

Progress Tracking: Allowing students to track their activity gives them an opportunity to fine tune their e-learning course and gain invaluable insight into learners’ behavior. They can track their progress and move forward according. In case, if they are not making any good progress, they will come to know about it and work hard.

Audio Lessons & Pronunciation of Wordings: It will be one of the most useful features for students. They can listen to audio lessons and pronunciation of wordings if they have in doubt. Moreover, they can listen to audio lessons whenever they want while walking or doing anything. It would not be compulsory for them to see the videos as they can listen to audio lessons and understand.

Syllabus: By including syllabus feature, you can allow students to access the course syllabus and get an assignment for the course easily. In the application, the whole course can be managed in weeks format, enabling students to access it anytime. Moreover, learning lessons prove to be extremely useful students because they can directly access study materials that can be downloaded for future reference.

Private Message: Private message is also a useful feature for students and teachers so that they can talk & discuss any chapter or doubt personally. It will eliminate the gap between students and facilities no matter where they are in the world, they can stay connected through the app and keep their learning goes on.

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Top 3 Trends in the Education Apps Development Market

3-app-development-trendsAt the time of building any type of education application for students, it is must that you follow these three below-mentioned trends that can help you to develop a high-end education app that widely preferred by students.

1. Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based learning is the most demanded and widely used trend. It is most useful for both students and teachers, allowing them to access their material any time and save it directly to the cloud. It might also be useful for remote access to teaching and studying materials, in order to test your knowledge of learned material and communicate with teachers in the chat-room.

2. Augmented & Virtual Reality-based Apps

In the recent time, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have gained huge popularity in the market as these technologies will assist your app to engage users. The apps based on these technologies will have bright visibility and capability to connect various people in the three-dimensional environment. With this, students can learn more easily and understand lessons more deeply.

3. Language Learning App

Currently, the language learning apps are extremely popular as they enable students or anyone to study on the run in an entertaining way and evolve all the senses. They can learn any language on the go with the new and best methodologies. Such apps also have the capability to train speaking and listening skills.


These are the latest trends in iPhone education app industry that you can consider while building your own free education app and make it popular among students. You can also get assistance from any professional iOS app developer, who has an experienced of developing top educational apps. You can go through his portfolio and decide whether to hire him or not.

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