How Fashion Brands Have Started Harnessing Instagram’s Power

Instagram is visual and the fashion brands are making use of Instagram in an advantageous manner, for getting more engagement. There is no denying the fact that the competition is extremely high and it is practically impossible for the small brands to survive in front of the bigger fashion brands. However, irrespective of the size of the brand, the power of Instagram is being harnessed by almost all the brands. It has also been observed that for a particular fashion brand, a visual channel like Instagram is going to be beneficial.

For all the fashion brands, it is mostly the visual and responsive social media channels, which include Instagram, which is constantly proving itself profitable. Almost 96% of the fashion brands in the US are responsible for using Instagram and the reason behind this is quite clear. The top fashion brands on this social networking site are responsible for the engagement of 2.26% from each and every follower; which is 10% higher than Facebook and 100% higher than Twitter.

Try to Keep Everything Simple

Instagram has its own beauty and this beauty is the amazing simplicity that the platform has. It is consistent and the format is predictable, which makes it easy for each and every user to digest the platform easily. Another beautiful essence of these visual platforms is the user-friendliness. Brands are responsible for reflecting this similar simplicity as well. Therefore, it is your duty to ensure that the Instagram feed is extremely simple.

Fashion Takeover

Taking over the social media is also becoming extremely popular with almost each and every brand for bringing in the target audience and providing the accounts with a fresh and personal feel. This can mostly be done with the help of influencer marketing. The benefit that is associated is that an influencer encourages the followers as well as the target customers of a brand to watch the progress that they are making and also connect with this particular brand.

Influencer Marketing

One of the most important goals that numerous fashion brands have is the fact that it is featured by numerous influencers, who have a great follower base. If this is happening organically, then it is amazing, but most of the brands have to contact the renowned influencers in order to market their product. The posts can be elegant and beautiful and also have a personal feel when they are featuring a particular product. Influencers can buy real Instagram likes for increasing the trust of the customers.

It is true that fashion brands have definitely seen a sudden drop in engagement but since more people are joining this social media platform, it is expected that the engagement is going to rise again. However, the most important thing that is clear is the fact that the amazing fashion industry along with Instagram is going to be in trend for quite a long time now.


There is no denying the fact that the visual platform is definitely taking the entire fashion industry by storm. It is not only easy to attract potential customers but the fashion brands have been capable of boosting themselves as well.

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