How Mobile App Technology is Transforming the Medical and Healthcare Industry?

Technology is influencing our lives significantly, there are restrictions in admitting that everyone has been waiting since long to see the influence of medical apps on patients and community as a whole. But we don’t have to wait for more to see the change as technology in healthcare has already in the game to make the communication easier between patients and doctors.

Mobile applications in the healthcare sector enable people to feel empowered with increased understanding and say in their healthcare decisions. This is a definitely stellar announcement for those individuals who have been more interested in taking part in their own medical care. Lack of availability of healthcare data has made them difficult to take measures. But now mobile apps in health care have started to step in the game which can give favor to patients and is likely to bring significant change in the health care sector.

How are Mobile Apps Changing Healthcare?

Mobile App Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Mobile apps enable doctors and health care experts to rapidly cater to healthcare emergencies and provide improved patient services. In this way, mobile apps have brought significant revolution in the health care sector.

Mobile apps in healthcare are playing a vital role in health care. Doctors are using it increasingly in their medical practices. Like, beginning from medical prescriptions and monitoring blood reports and x-ray to monitor the symptoms and patient treatment process, these health care mobile apps enable doctors to diagnose patients, treat and monitor their treatment, mtn for various illnesses while being on the move. According to statistics, health and fitness have been considered as one of the popular sectors to increase the growth of smart devices. Moreover, the healthcare apps for patients across the globe are expected to reach $90.49 billion by 2020 from $21.17 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 33.7 percent.

Adoption of Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Mobile apps trend in the healthcare sector has been increased at a high rate. Since 2012, the trend of mobile apps in health care is increasing at a fast pace. Thousands of doctors are using smart devices at work, among which half are straightly used for the purpose of healthcare. Healthcare mobile app development has leveraged the health care industry by offering significant advantages for overall healthcare staff. Mobile health care apps are developed differently for ios and android software. According to the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins survey, 71% of nurses nowadays use smart devices for health care purposes.

Real-time communication: Undoubtedly, the definite benefit of mobile apps in healthcare improves communication. Doctors and nurses can monitor the condition of a patient with smart devices which have HD cameras. Instant communication between doctors and patients also develops rapport.

Improve Physician Efficiency

Especially functioning physicians are an integral part of a dynamic medical care system. However, it is a challenging job. According to AMA (American Medical Association), around 60 % of emergency physicians feel exhausted. the pretty common complaint about consuming a huge number of hours in data entry and other administrative tasks as well. They can only give 27 % of their time for the patients. To resolve this problem, service providers are figuring out ways to make the job easier. Mobile app developers can resolve their problem by developing health care apps for doctors and patients.

What About Doctors? Do they Believe in these Apps?

  • 40% of physicians believe that mobile technology in health care can reduce the number of visits of patients to the hospital.
  • More than 25% of doctors are using mobile apps to provide better patient care.
  • 93% of doctors admit that healthcare apps for patients can improve a patient’s health.

Key Benefits of Mobile Devices in Health Care

Track Personal Health Data on Health Apps

Personal information can be monitored by using health mobile apps, it is possible to monitor personal health information as mentioned below:

The files related to your medical care can be important for yourself and your family. They contain the important data which include emergency contact data, prescriptions, allergies, and another relevant health history. However, it is a good way for nurses to remain systemized since 30 of nurses mobile health care apps.

Mobile Fitness Tracking

It is possible to monitor daily fitness activities and new exercise suggestions. Mobile fitness tracking app enables users to monitor their day to day fitness exercises rate. It gives you recommendations according to your fitness record.

Emergency Health Communication

A few cell phone features and health care apps allow you to ask for help instantly. For example, an app might suggest you contact emergency contact person with just one click. Health cares mobile app allows you to contact doctors and maybe your emergency contact person in emergency healthcare cases.

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