How Social Media Will be Affecting Digital Marketing in 2019

Digital marketing is a very competitive industry. With all the digital voices coming from all directions, businesses will need to work out on an exclusive attitude of getting heard or seen out of the voice in 2019.

In order to endure your presence, you should come up with different strategies on how to be victorious in the game and win the grand prize. You can make use of different tools and strategies to survive, the most important thing for you is to win the game without foul play.

Moving back to reality, online marketers must become critical analysers who have the ability to think outside the box and ponder upon the essential elements they need. This will aid them to build up such techniques which efficiently reach particularly the targeted audience. A pattern of this is to stay updated with the latest trends emerging in social media. Until you are not observing the changes in trends and latest developments, you won’t be able to compete and will have to leave the game.

Having said that, trends are constantly changing, here are some effects that social media will cast on digital marketing in 2019.

Effects of Social Media on Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whatsoever your businesses, segments and viewers are, a large portion of your customers and leads are on social media. According to a recent research, about 2.4 billion people use social media of which Facebook is sitting in the catbird seat. Among adults, 75% use Instagram and 40% are on Twitter. If you manage to access all these people, you will easily boost traffic towards the site, specifically for new site.

Google or any search engine can get a lot of time to get traction as soon as you update your homepage with a new blog or news. This means, very few users will be able to reach you and acknowledge your new service or update. So, the best way to drive traffic to your site is your presence on social media.

The SEO of Your Site Boosts-up

Search engine crawlers can easily distinguish which pages are perpetually earning traffic and which are just floating out there, overlooked and flouted. Although your outstanding content strategy is the most vital factor in your search rankings, driving traffic to your site’s landing pages will make them reach the zenith much faster.

Many a times, this can be as modest as re-sharing evergreen content, in addition to sharing your new content when it goes live. It is highly recommended that each post should be re-shared once a month. With the help of Facebook’s scheduling tool or Hoot-suite (for Twitter), you can set the entire month all at once and you’re done with boosting.

Increase Your Accessibility

One of the noteworthy effects of social media is that it allows you to increase your reach to the remarkable expert. You can search for the relevant experts with a dominant presence on social media for your latest blog posts. Obviously, when you’ll able to get a link for posting the blog, it will increase your accessibility but getting maximum advantages from your own social media channels will assist you go some extra success.

Don’t forget to tag the experts whenever you post some new content in the Tweet or Facebook post so that they may see it pop up in their notifications. This will more likely to be a source of sharing your content by the thousands of expert’s followers and eventually drives maximum traffic to you.

Assists you to Build Relationship with Your Audience

The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users see them as social networks to get connected with friends and family or making some new friends and looking for some stuff to entertain themselves with. So, users don’t take them as marketing machines, therefore it can be a challenge for you to develop your social media marketing strategy.

And, social media is the only way to build your strong bonding with your audience by presenting them the products and services in an entertaining way so that the customers may attract towards you and not get pitched to you. As soon as you stop seeing social media as a way to pitch you audience and start considering it a way to connect with them, it will definitely transform your brand. The consumers can be helped by getting their answers of queries and through entertainment and forming bonds over the shared interests.

You’ll shape relations with business leaders and influencers, providing great stories for the media, exclusive products for promoters and thought-provoking topics for experts to share with their followers. With the passage of time, you’ll emerge more than a brand as you’ll become a part of a community. At this, you will follow a cycle of success.

The instant you begin to adopt the best practices of social media, you will get an enormous exposure. The exposure will able to bring in new leads for you. As the time will pass, these leads will become your follower and then customers from the followers to complete the cycle. Isn’t it convenient to understand how social media helps building relations? I thinks it is the simplest explanation.

Social Media Marketing will get you More Sales

One of the most important questions that many people get asked about is whether social media really vital for any online business? The simplest answer is yes. The reason is that social media marketing can get you more sales. You can estimate through the fact that 70% marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.

It is not a shocking thing as when you stay in front of your customer, they would most probably buy products you are selling when they need, but social media make the presence of brand highlighted and dominant. You can inspire customer buying choices at several points along the sales funnel, from intensifying the reach of blogs and white paper targeting top of funnel, to replying customer queries and addressing pain points. Even it is considered an essential thing for you to remain active on social media.

Effective Customer Service

An efficient customer response time isn’t optional anymore. The trend has sharply changed as customers expect you to solve their problem with your product or any service instantly. It has been observed that some companies are meeting these expectations and yielding positive results. Research has proved a slight irritation for customers directly influences the profits. For example, when airlines started to respond within 10 minutes to the queries of the customers, they started to pay 20 dollars more willingly for future tickets.

It has also proven through in-depth study that consumers reward those companies which respond to their requests and complaints immediately. A durable and engaged social media marketing presence will give you advantage to keep customers happy, and keep your image positive in front of the public.

Regardless of potential weaknesses of social media, popularity of social media is surpassing traditional forms of marketing. If we compare TV commercials with online viral videos or any data, stimulated through social media, TV commercials can charge million and are poorly targeted that do not enable data capture while cost on social media is almost nothing. That is why social media has become popular among the marketers.

As the fame of social media is on the rise and there is no turning back, it seems social media will go beyond the other functional areas of marketing to a large scope. Social media is trying to fill the gap between marketers and users through persistent dialogue, building trust and interacting with right audience in accurate way, as fast as possible.A

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Don’t forget to share this article!