How to Fix High CPU and RAM Usage in Windows 10/8/7

Do you have a windows system which is not functioning correctly? Do your applications take much longer to respond when you try to open them? Are you having challenges with High CPU and RAM usage on your Windows system? If your answer is yes, then this article is meant for you, make sure you read it to the end and thank us in the comment section.

Occasionally, High CPU and RAM usage have become a matter of anxiety for almost all Windows users. And this happens maybe when you upgrade your Windows to Windows 10 version, and this issue is not faced by only you but many. If you are active on forums, then you will observe that the most frequently asked questions was about the “High CPU and RAM usage after installing or upgrading to Windows 10”.

Few of the most common reasons for the high RAM usage on windows are Registry issues, Memory Leaks, too many applications running in the background, virus, incompatible drivers, etc. Most of the mentioned factors lead to poor performance and high CPU and RAM usage on Windows system.

Below you will learn some of the most effective hacks you can apply to your Windows 10/8/7. These methods are tested, and it will fix your windows high CPU and RAM usage when used correctly.

1. Registry Hack

This method has been one of the most effective ways of fixing issues related to high CPU usage on Windows. If in case you are not aware of the cause of your system’s slow performance this method will help you through. Follow the steps analyzed below to fix high RAM usage on your Windows PC.

Press WIN + R, in the pop-up box, type “Regedit” without the quotes and press the enter button
A new window will open, and it is called the Registry Editor, you will be able to perform some changes in  this editor.
On the Editor’s side bar, go to the directory…
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, system, CurrentControlSet, Control, Session Manager, Memory Management.


When you are in the Memory Management directory, in the main content’s panel options, find within the options a file named ClearPageFileShutdown and click on it. When it opens, change it’s value to 1 and click OK.


Restart your PC/Desktop and apply the necessary changes.

2. Uninstall Unwanted Programs

If your Windows PC is still slow even after applying the Registry Hack to it, it is possible you still have some unwanted programs that are still installed on your PC. If you do not require these unwanted programs, then you should think of Uninstalling them so that you can have a better performance of CPU and RAM on your Windows PC.

It doesn’t matter if you are using those applications or not, so far they are installed on your PC, they will consume space and resources

How-to-fix-high-CPU-and-RAM-usage-in-windows-3To uninstall a program, you can do this by simply going to your control panel, then click on Programs and Features, then double click on the program you think is not valuable to your usage to uninstall.


3. Disable All the Unnecessary Startup Programs

Some programs will run in the background without your knowledge. When you power on your system, such programs will automatically start themselves, and an example of such programs are Downloaders, Java Updater, Antivirus, etc. The moment you start your PC, all these programs will start consuming memory in the background, and that can lead to high CPU and RAM usage. To rectify such problem, all you need to do is to disable the programs that you think is irrelevant to be running in the background, and this will save a lot of CPU and RAM usage. You can disable such programs by following the procedures below.

Open your task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
When the task manager is opened, select the start-up tab.
You will see the list of all the programs which are automatically running each time you power ON your PC. How-to-fix-high-CPU-and-RAM-usage-in-windows-5 Disable all the applications you don’t want to be running in the background so as to save more room for memory usage and high CPU usage prevention.

4. Check and Fix The Driver Issues

After installing Windows 10 on your PC, you might experience some poor performance on your system and also some memory leak of RAM. You are experiencing this because you have outdated and faulty drivers, that’s the verdict.

Although Windows usually update the driver of all the hardware this might not be enough; you will need some extra tools that can handle any high memory leak issues and prevent them. You can run into some other problems if you choose to deal with the drivers manually, and this is why it is best okay for you to stick with the best recommend tools that can fix drivers issue on one-click. The best software we can recommend for you is DriverTalent.

Download the DriverTalent Software.


After Installation, Launch the Software. You will see options like Update, Repair, Install etc.
Select the needed option and the software will perform the operation for you.
Restart your system after the operation is complete.

5. Adjust Your Windows 10 for Best Performance

You can also apply this method to boost the performance of your Windows PC. As this settings name suggests, “Adjust for best Performance,” it is a settings option made for Windows system which can help you fix the CPU, memory and performance issue that is related to windows. The process is simple, see below list…

Go to your system’s control panel
Click on System Option

You will see few options listed in the left sidebar, select and click on Advanced System Settings.

After that, you will get a new popup window. In the performance panel, click on Settings button.

A visual effect window will open, select the “Adjust for best Performance” option then click on Apply and OK.How-to-fix-high-CPU-and-RAM-usage-in-windows-9

6. Hard Drive Defragmentation

Another method that is very efficient and can help you fix high CPU and RAM usage is hard drive defragmentation. When you defrag your hard drive, it will boost the performance of your system. Follow the procedures below to defrag your hard drive.

Open your RUN WIZARD by pressing WIN+R.
In the dialogue box, type dfrgui and press enter.

In the optimize window, you can defragment your listed drives.
NOTE: The best drive to defragment is the drive where your Windows is installed. Select the Drive, then click on the Optimize button for the defragmentation process to start.

7. Scan and Remove a Malware or Virus

On every PC, the most dangerous threat you can ever encounter is a Malware or Virus. When a virus attacks your PC, it causes the performance and health of your system to slow, and it will start performing in an unusual way and poorly. Your system can be vulnerable to the virus if you happen to install some programs that are malicious, such programs will mess up your system performance.

Such threats can be neutralized when you have the perfect tool to handle them. Much Software’s are made to tackle malware and viruses on a PC. The recommended Software are Norton Internet Security, Bitdefender, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and much more.

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the practical ways you can follow to fix high CPU and RAM usage on your Windows PC. If all these methods are applied correctly, you will have your PC working smoothly and efficiently. If this article has helped you, then don’t hesitate to keep visiting our blog for more interesting tutorials.

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Don’t forget to share this article!