Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the popular desktop email client application that is used worldwide. Technical as well as non-technical users are accessing this email client for communication purposes. The Thunderbird supports MBOX format to store the data. Anyhow, Thunderbird is not the only email client that uses .mbox format. The problem is, most of the people do not know how to read MBOX files Thunderbird. Because the Thunderbird does not give any inbuilt feature to import MBOX file to Thunderbird that are present in the system or hard drives, etc. So most of the users are searching for the solution to know how to open MBOX file on Mozilla Thunderbird or add MBOX to Thunderbird. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the effective solution for how to view MBOX files in Thunderbird.

User Query 1: “I have some MBOX files in my system. These MBOX files are very important to me because it is related to my business. I have tried to access the files in my Thunderbird profile but I do not know is there any way to import MBOX mail to Thunderbird. Can anyone please suggest me the solution to add MBOX file to Thunderbird.”

User Query 2: “I have used Eudora email account for business matter. But now I want to switch to Thunderbird because of some advanced application in Thunderbird. So I want to transfer the Eudora MBOX files to Thunderbird. How to open MBOX file on Mozilla Thunderbird? Is there any way to convert MBOX to Thunderbird process? Please help.”

How to View MBOX Files in Thunderbird- Manual Method

To import MBOX file to Thunderbird manually there is no any in-built facility in Thunderbird. You can access an Addon called ImportExportTools that are provided by Mozilla. You just need to install it on the Mozilla Thunderbird application and you can import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird. But this method have some limitations to upload MBOX to Thunderbird.

Limitations of Manual Solution

The manual method to import MBOX mail to Thunderbird is easy to access. But there are some limitations for this way.

Third Party Solution to Convert MBOX to Thunderbird

SysTools Thunderbird Import Wizard is a stand-alone application which can import MBOX file to Thunderbird account in batch using the File / Folder option in the tool. It is an effective software that will view MBOX files in Thunderbird in a hassle-free manner. The user can import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird or import multiple MBOX along with attachments. It offers Date Filter option to export selective mails to Thunderbird. You can view the exported emails without any changes in the folder structure.

Steps to Perform Import MBOX Mail to Thunderbird

Follow the given below steps to easily upload MBOX to Thunderbird without any issues.

MBOX file to Thunderbird

  1. Add File: This option can import individual .mbox file.
  2. Add Folder: This option can import multiple MBOX files in batch.

convert MBOX to Thunderbird
• Then the software list the copied MBOX files on your Thunderbird account. Click on Next option.

copied MBOX files

Date filter option

Finally, you can read the imported emails in Thunderbird. And also shows the message like “Import process completed successfully”. The user can see the import report in CSV format.CSV format

Final words

The above article discussed how to view MBOX files in Thunderbird. Here it mentioned two types of methods Manual and third party to import MBOX to Thunderbird. The manual method is good for opening MBOX file to Thunderbird but due to some limitations as mentioned above you can choose automated solution and it will do the process of uploading MBOX to Thunderbird in an easy way.

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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