Lotus Notes File Size Limit Exceeded – How to Reduce NSF File Size

“I am working in an organization and using Lotus Notes for email communication. In my mailbox I have a huge amount of data. Someday my Lotus Notes shows a warning message related to file size but I ignored that warning message. After some time, my file size limit exceeded. Now, I am afraid of opening my mailbox database. Is there any relevant method to manage Lotus Notes file size limit? “

Lotus Notes is a desktop-based email client used for business purpose. It includes various mailbox items such as emails, calendars, to do list, etc. There are multiple options available to configure the database storage limit. However, when Lotus Notes files come to its threshold value, the application shows a warning message i.e.

How to Reduce NSF File Size

The main purpose of this message is to aware the users, that this is the time to manage Lotus Notes file size. If users avoid message then they will encounter this error:manage Lotus Notes file size

This message simply means that there is not enough space left in the database. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss several approaches that can reduce NSF file size limit in an appropriate way.

Top 3 Tips for Lotus Notes Database File Size Management

When registering in Lotus Notes via Domino Administrator client, the user can set a database size quota and warning threshold factor by the following actions:

  • According to users need, database quota size can be set at the maximum that it can achieve.
  • The warning threshold range can be placed in between 75-90%. Therefore, a user can have enough time to reduce the Lotus Notes file size limit.

Lotus Notes via Domino Administrator client

  • Alternatively, a user can also modify database settings through “Set Quotas” option from the database in Domino administrator client.

Manual Steps to Manage Lotus Notes File Size Limit

Some following points are discussed below to reduce NSF file size after receiving the quota exceed error:

Remove Unnecessary emails:

There are a large number of emails and users do not want them in the future. These irrelevant mails consume very much space. So, you have to remove them permanently and make space for adding new emails.

Maintain email attachments:

Download all important email attachments from the mailbox and keep them in a secure place. Henceforth, permanently remove the associated emails from Lotus Notes to make space for new messages.

Modify Settings for Sent emails:

Whenever all sent messages may get stored automatically in the mailbox. This stored mail also occupies the storage space. Thus, to reduce Lotus Notes database file size, disable this setting. Hence, it automatically deletes the sent items.

Stores important documents:

Generally, each mail present in the database is not important but it can be used in future. So, try to make an archive of such email messages and stored them locally on the system. Furthermore, remove them permanently from the main database as it will help you to reduce NSF file size. Therefore, erase the old entries of calendars, to do list, etc., and make some space for new components.

Compress Lotus Notes NSF file:

After completing the above-mentioned points, there is a need to compact the Lotus Notes database. To compress the database, there are two approaches which are discussed below:

  • Approach 1:

    1. Start Lotus Notes application on your local system.
    2. Click on the File tab and select Database option.
    3. After that, click on Properties. A new Database Properties dialogue box will appear.
    4. Go to the Information tab and then, hit on Compact button.
  • Approach 2:

    1. Select the Server/ programs under Domino server directory and choose the Configuration folders.
    2. Click on the Add Program button and fill the program document with required data.
    3. After that, save the program and then, Exit.

Automated Approach to Reduce Lotus Notes NSF File Size Limit

If a user faces any kind of difficulty while executing the above-described methods. Then, a user can opt a reliable third party tool. One such application is Mail Migration Wizard. It is designed in such a way to convert Lotus Notes mail to Exchange Server with an ease. Apart from this, all these features i.e., migrate calendar entries or recurrence calendar, retain folder hierarchy and data integrity are provided by this tool. Further, it has an interactive interface that even a novice user a use it without taking any external help.


Eventually, it becomes a major problem when a file exceeds the maximum size limit. This problem can lead to data corruption. Thus to overcome this problem, we have discussed both manual as well as automated solution to manage Lotus Notes file size. According to the requirement, a user can opt any of the methods.

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Don’t forget to share this article!


  1. Robin Thapa
    Robin Thapa

    This post is very informative for users to know how to manage Lotus Notes Database File Size?

    As far as I know, you can split your large NSF file into Small NSF files to manage them easily. It doesn’t change in hierarchy after splitting PST file.


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