How to Import Contacts From Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

Ways for Importing Contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

“I am using Mozilla Thunderbird 52.6.0 (32-bit) on my PC. However, I have to perform some research work for assignment due to which I need a solution for importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail’. Lots of measures I tried for the same but, none of them were of worth for me. Can any of my social media friend help me with the same? You can ping me in my inbox, if you get solution to this. It will be of great help! Thanks in advance.”

Alike the above post, there are many Mozilla Thunderbird users around the world who post such query. Either on social networking sites or on technical forums, a solution to move Thunderbird contacts to Windows Live Mail is demanded. Therefore, here are we with this blog for providing end users solution to export Thunderbird address book information to Windows Live Mail (WLM).

Solution to Transfer Thunderbird Contacts to Windows Live Mail

There exists only one approach through which users can move Thunderbird Address Book to WLM. This approach involves execution of following two major steps:

  1. Export Thunderbird address book to CSV
  2. Import CSV file in Windows Live Mail app

In this post, you are going to find description of these two steps for importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail successfully complete the task.

Step 1 : Export Thunderbird Address Book to CSV File

There are two workarounds through which users can execute this step. The first measure necessarily requires presence of Mozilla Thunderbird program on the system. Whereas on the other hand, second measure provides independent solution to convert Thunderbird MAB to CSV.

#1 : With Mozilla Thunderbird

Arrange Mozilla Thunderbird email client on your PC where you will be performing these steps. After this, start executing the following steps :

a) Open Thunderbird email client on your machine and click on Address Book mailbox

Address Book

b) Click on Tools menu and from the list, choose Export option. This will initiate step of exporting address book from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

Export option

c) This opens ‘Export Address Book’ of Thunderbird where you have to choose Comma Separated (System Charset) option from Save as Type menu. After this, move towards the path where you want to save resultant file and click Save button

Export Address Book

d) Follow the same step (c) to save ‘Collected Address book’ of Thunderbird on PC

Collected Address book

e) Finally, the CSV file gets created from Mozilla Thunderbird which you have to import in Windows Live Mail

file#2 : Without Thunderbird

It might be impossible that Mozilla Thunderbird email client is available on PCs. If in case an individual is having MAB files only then, it is going to be difficult for him / her. Don’t worry we are having an alternative to this! Users can opt for MAB Converter importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail which exports Mozilla address book into CSV or in other file formats also within no time. The program offers a quick conversion without installation of any supportive email client and gives 100% assurance of maintaining integrity. Images, first name, middle name, last name, phone number, etc., all the contact attributes are kept intact in this process.

Step 2 : Import CSV File in Windows Live Mail App

Copy and paste the created CSV file from Step (1) on the PC where targeted Windows Live Mail program is available. When you are done with this, continue with following steps :

1. Open Windows Live Mail email application on your PC and click on Contacts field

Import CSV File in Windows Live Mail App

2. Click on Import from Home tab of the application and choose Comma Separated Values (.CSV) option

Comma Separated Values

3. Click on Browse button and locate the path where you have saved CSV file on the system

Browse button

4. Select that CSV file and click on Open button to continue with process on how to export Address book from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

Open Address Book

5. Check that you have selected the correct file and click on Next to proceed.


6. Choose the contact fields that you want to import in Windows Live Mail and click on FinishWindows Live Mail


The blog describes foolproof solution on how to export Mozilla address book to Windows Live Mail. Dependent upon the platform dependency criteria, users can opt for any of the solutions. We hope that your purpose of reading this blog, for importing contacts from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, is fulfilled and if in case, you face any problem then, you can mention it in page blog section.

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Don’t forget to share this article!


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