Corporate Instagram Profile: 4 Instagram Trends of 2019 to Be Used Right Away

Do You Already Have A Corporate Instagram Profile? Here Are 4 Top Trends of 2019 to Be Used Right Away

If you already have a corporate Instagram profile, you are one step ahead of others. If you have not yet, 2019 may be the right year to affirm your presence on this social network. The reason is soon said: according to what is spread by Instagram itself, over 80% of users globally follow at least one company. Translated into figures, it means that more than 200 million people worldwide visit at least one corporate Instagram profile every day.

The social rushes the wave and continues to add new functionalities to its virtual spaces, more and more business-friendly. Now as never before is the time to catch the ball. Let’s see the 4 top trends that you can put into practice for affirm your business presence (also) on Instagram.

The Corporate Instagram profile: why it is Important to be there


Instagram is no longer just a place where people publish beautiful images: it is also becoming a succulent space for companies where they can interact with customers, share new experiences, increase engagement (yes, just like on Facebook corporate pages and on LinkedIn) and monitor actions and content that are most successful in terms of conversion.

1. Customize Your Content as much as Possible

Companies that personalize their content (even) on Instagram have a potential 20% higher sales increase. In fact, Instagram, like other social networks such as Facebook, is increasingly dedicated to personalization and is able to provide each user with highly personalized content. Such as? Through an algorithm that uses data from other posts with which the user has interacted or who has simply appreciated. Here’s how you can customize the contents of your company Instagram profile.

Direct your users to a Landing Page where they can take a quiz or choose from different options / versions of the product or service you offer

Use the information collected to promote the results on Instagram: the specific and relevant products / services with your target. If you promote just what people have told you they would like, you could easily increase your sales.

2. Share Your Products with Consumers

Like Facebook, Instagram is also becoming one of the most popular channels on which to shop. Soon, we already talk about it, should be launched an app for shopping on Instagram (IG Shopping) that will obviate the problem of having to get away from the platform to complete a purchase. In the meantime that this app becomes a reality, you can adopt this trick to share with your consumers your new products / services, directly from your Instagram profile:

  • Tag products in posts and stories by selecting a photo, touching the products you want to tag in the picture and inserting their names
  • If you’re a verified account on Instagram, you can use the “scroll up” feature in Stories to link directly to a landing page.

3. Instagram Story Ads: do not Underestimate Advertising on Instagram

Did you know that over 400 million accounts worldwide watch Instagram Stories every single day? And did you know that a third of the most visualized stories come from companies? One in five stories then receives a direct message from the viewer (Instagram Business data). It’s time to start investing in advertising here too, thanks to the fact that advertising on Facebook is increasing in cost. Many brands, even famous ones, are turning their attention to advertising the stories. And although Instagram Story Ads is still in its infancy, it will probably be one of the biggest trends for this 2019.

  • Here’s how you can use Instagram Story Ads, according to the suggestions of Lizzie Davey, editor of Business2Community:
  • Link your Instagram account to your Facebook ad manager
  • Create a new campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager and click on the option to display it in Stories
  • Choose a goal and demographics for your advertising campaign
  • Create or create captivating graphics, also because people prefer to see authentic stories and videos rather than actual advertisements
  • Make your stories as realistic as possible, thanks to Storytelling

4. Give More Emphasis to User-generated Content (UGC)

A research by now dated (2014) but still valid, conducted by Ipsos, shows how posts with user-generated content (UGC) have a higher conversion rate of 4.5% on Instagram than the others. This means that to increase conversions (and sales) you must absolutely integrate the contents of your customers into your marketing plan. This move brings with it at least two big advantages:

  • You will have many contents that concern you (i.e. the products / services of your company) that you did not have to create, finance and distribute alone. Users have done it for you
  • You will have at your disposal a phenomenal form of advertising: word of mouth. Reviews or simply images of your products made (spontaneously) by your customers, are worth much more to the potential buyer than an advertising in the traditional sense. Social users trust a lot of other users.

To acquire a user generated content you just have to:

  • Create a hashtag (#)
  • Encourage your followers to publish their images with this hashtag by announcing them in your posts, stories and other social media channels
  • Re-publish the best content on your feed or on Stories

Do not have a company Instagram profile yet?

Do not waste time! Open one as soon as possible. Now you know that investing time and money in Instagram, in 2019, can have interesting returns. Good luck!

Author Bio:

Megan Max works as the head of the animation department of Animation Shark. She has a degree in mass communication from a reputable technical studies college of UK. Before working here, she has worked at different animation companies as well.

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