Common Internet Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Irrespective of the size of the business you are running, you cannot afford to make mistakes as they always end in big losses. It can either be in the form of bad reputation or wastage of financial resources. To prevent you from making such mistakes knowingly or unknowingly this list of common internet marketing mistakes will enlighten you and provide solutions to correct them.

Having no marketing strategy

All businesses should set quantifiable goals. Having not set any goals and strategies will make your business look vague. It is a good way to see if your business is moving in the right direction or falling behind. A solid marketing strategy involves brand building, gaining loyal customers and expanding the business to new platforms. Predefining available resources and allocating time for promotions help you to focus on tasks better.

Targeting everyone and anyone

Many of the marketers doing business online target every visitor who bounces the site. Most of them have no interest in your products or may have accidentally landed on your site. Re-targeting such visitors is just a waste of resources. The wise plan would be to section visitors into different categories based on the time they spend on your page and the interest they have shown in your product catalog.

Ignoring analytics

What is the use of building a brand and promoting content on the internet and social media without knowing how they are being perceived by the consumers? It is important to track performance metrics using tools to analyze the traffic of your site. Start monitoring trends, customer engagement, and conversions to understand which factors work well for your marketing. Employing analytics helps to adjust your marketing strategies by data mining. The facts reveal which strategies failed to capture the audience and which worked well.

Snubbing social media sites

The modern market place is different and there are a lot of trends which influence the marketing strategies. The current trend is marketing through social media sites. If you are not taking advantage of this platform already, then it is wise to invest some time for this platform. It helps to identify your audience easily and investment is quite low for this type of marketing. Stick to one or 2 social media sites before spreading your marketing thin over all existing platforms.

Not focusing on self-promotions

Most of the marketers are shy about self-promotions. It is not wise to think that your product will get limelight eventually. If you don’t promote your content or product other marketers take that opportunity to get ahead. It is wise to hire a manager at least to manage the business promotions if you are afraid to talk. If you have a great product, speak about it soon before someone else does and snatches your focus.

Avoiding guest post opportunities

Avoiding Guest Post Opportunities

Most marketers ignore giving comments on a blog or pass up the opportunity to write a guest post for a website. By writing such posts gives you an opportunity to tell about your brand yourself and leads to maximum exposure of your website. It is actually the most popular and zero investment option to generate traffic organically. If you don’t get such opportunities, invest your time to start a blog in your site which brings more customers and improves engagement with them.

Never slashing prices

Offering discount may cut your profit margins a bit but at the same time, it brings a lot of exposure and publicity. Consumers love to share good deals with friends on social networks which are a great way to boot sales. It is important to give customers vouchers, discount coupons or freebies to keep them engaged in your sales. Consumers are more likely to give positive feedback on the products which they received on discounts.

Ignoring email marketing

Email marketing is the most preferred option for consumers to get promotional content. So why are you missing out on such a great opportunity which puts your audience right in front of you all the time? It is easier to stay in touch with consumers and personalizing emails helps you to target right group of audience for specific products. If you are taking email marketing seriously it is wise to divide your audience based on their interests and send personalized deals.

Not utilizing happy customers

Don’t slack on updating the positive reviews you get from the users. Reviews serve as great tools to gain customer loyalty and following. Your brand becomes strong when people relate to the genuine product reviews. It is essential to do follow-ups after the product is delivered to the customer. Customer service is a key factor to have loyal brand followers and get new acquisitions. Updating the reviews serve as a great way improve brand image by staying in touch with consumers when you tag them on social media platforms.

Optimization is the key

If your website is not optimized for the responsive design you are losing a lot of potential customers due to lack of technology skills. Responsive websites with better visualization on mobiles and tablets are preferred over other sites. Having a responsive website with easier user interaction prompts consumers to purchase products from mobile devices. `They also rank better on Google search result pages.

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