Know About The Best iPhone 7 Cases Of 2019

Your iPhone has cost you more than a thousand dollars and is surely your prized possession not only for the price factor but for its usability, functionality, usefulness and above all your emotional attachment. Therefore, you will need to protect it from breaking due to fall and rough handling and need a strong durable case for it. This will not only protect this incredible device but will also keep it free from any scratches. It will also make your phone look more stylish than ever.

Different Types to Choose

With so many varieties and brands, materials and designs to choose from you may feel at a loss when you have to choose the best case for your iPhone 7. Well here is a list of a few favorites that will hold you up.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

This is an excellent phone case clear with a kickstand. It will fit well, feel great, and will work well. This Ultra Hybrid case has kept up to the repertoire of Spigen for quite some time and it is the addition of that ‘S’ factor that makes it all the more special. This signifies something ‘special’ in it: the built-in kickstand. This has a magnetic latch that provides extra protection to your phone. It simply pops open when you want to use your phone and securely closes when you are dining with it. This extra feature is perfect for hands-free watching a video on the YouTube channel or playing a game on your iPhone.

Apple Smart Battery Case

This is perfect for more battery power as the iPhone 7 usually have a couple of hours longer battery life than the predecessors. However, if that is not enough for you, use this battery case released by Apple. These cases will almost double the battery life of your iPhone 7 on just a single charge. What is more interesting, you can charge the case as well as your phone simultaneously. These battery cases come with a soft microfiber lining to prevent any scratches on your stylish jet black iPhone 7. It will also cradle and protect your phone by absorbing bumps. However, it may be a tad slippery for super dry hands due to the smooth silicone exterior that is soft and silky.

Caseology Parallax

This is another favorite among the best iPhone 7 plus cases India that is specially textured for extra grip. It has a dual-layer case. There is a TPU shell to cradle your iPhone 7, absorb blows and prevent hardware scratches. The second layer is a frame made of polycarbonate that will snug fit around the edges of your phone to take the brunt of the fall and shattering smacks to its corners.

Apart from these if you want something clear and thin you can choose the Ringke’s Fusion cases to fit snugly. If you want a stylish protective wallet case then choose the Vena vCommute case. You can also choose of TORRAS Slim Fit for a minimalist case or Jisoncase leather back if you are too fond of leather products. buy at amazon


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