Lotus Notes to Office 365 Integration Step by Step Explained via Efficient Techniques

Lotus Notes is a great solution for information sharing, collaboration, and related functions. Apart from these functionalities of this email client, it has some limits too. Thus, many users have required the steps to perform IMAP migration from NSF to O365. Email accounts integration is not a new syndrome in our digital world. As Office 365 has many amazing features so, it has gained popularity among users. Both small and large corporations are now working with MS Office 365 platform. After merging these emailing platforms, users get reduced operational cost, boosted productivity, empowered employees, enhanced long-term business strategy, agility, and mobility etc. Yet, there are many issues that users face while executing Lotus Notes to Office 365 Integration. Hence, before performing such task users must have an idea about the common problems of this operation:

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Step by Step Explained

Office 365 Migration

In this section, we will discuss the technique of Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. Before going to the solution, let us take a look at the pre-requisites to execute this operation:

After this, go with the down-mentioned guidelines:

Step 1: Create a backup of Lotus Notes NSF Files

The foremost step of migrating NSF to Office 365 procedure is to take a backup of whole existing user mailboxes that are stored as NSF files. This should be done before you begin the integration for avoiding data loss in case of any discrepancy in the execution of operation. This is so because none of the manual techniques are completely secure and reliable.

Step 2: Create the New Mailboxes

After creating a backup, the next necessary step is to generate new mailboxes for each user, which is having a profile in Lotus Notes email client.

Step 3: Enabling IMAP TCP/IP Port for Every User

Now, we have to enable the IMAP for all users. To do so, go with the steps below:

  1. Launch Domino Administrator in Lotus Notes
  2. Now, click on Configuration tab
  3. This will open Server document for server that operates the IMAP service
  4. Then, click on Ports >> Internet Ports >> Mail
  5. Enable default IMAP TCP/IP Port. For doing this, you have to modify the ‘TCP/IP port value status’ for ‘Enabled’ in Mail (IMAP) column (By default, IMAP clients will be connected to TCP/IP port number 143 on Domino server)
  6. Eventually, click on Save >> exit

Step 4: Establish Connection with IMAP Connector

This time, use the IMAP Connector for synchronizing emails in Office 365 from the IBM Notes.

After executing all mentioned four steps, Lotus Domino to Office 365 Integration becomes possible.


Automatic Way of Lotus Notes Office 365 Integration

The explained manual method consist many permanent data loss risks and users cannot execute it without an IMAP Connector. Thus, it is better to avoid this technique and prefer an efficient and limitation-free procedure i.e. SysTools Mail Migration Office 365. This software can easily import NSF file to Office 365. It is capable to move emails, contacts, calendars, tasks of any single or multiple Domino to Office 365. For using this application IBM Notes 6.5/7.0/8.0/8.5/9 installation is must on the system.

Closing Thoughts

This editorial consists the total solution of Lotus Notes to Office 365 Integration task. Here, we have discussed one manual and one automatic technique to execute this procedure. Now, users can opt any of the methods as per their requirements.

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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