How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Small Businesses

Developers are always on the lookout for new opportunities and areas in which they can further polish their skills. If you’re also one of those, you must be trying to find out a career path that can give you satisfaction and wealth both in the same plate. To be honest, one field that you can get into for having all that is Mobile App Development.

It’s the latest trend and it opens up lots and lots of new opportunities to the budding developers. Major software companies hire capable developers at very high salaries and even if that doesn’t happen one has many other options open to them as well. For instance, they can start their own small business selling mobile apps to local businesses.

Mobile Application development is a lucrative business and many have made huge wealth even as an individual developer as well. And selling mobile apps to local businesses is an even more creative idea. This is especially so when local businesses are open to accepting new ideas and the use of technology in boosting their sales or improving their work operations. But still it requires some effort on your part to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition and marketing your offering in such a manner that prospects come looking for you. Let’s take a look at what exactly you need to do in turning your app development skills into a lucrative business.

Analyze Your Prospects

Analyze Your Prospects
You must have skills in developing a certain type of app or you may be willing to implement an idea that targets a certain set of audience. In both the cases, you have to analyze your prospects or target customers. It will help you understand what kind of business operations they are running and what kind of solution would help them in achieving their desired results.

You can schedule a meeting with the local businesses that you want to develop a mobile app for, whether a generalized or a custom solution, and try to understand what they’re doing and what would help them. Just be precise in your questions as business owners are busy persons and they may not have enough time to spare for you at this point. If you’re looking to offer a generalized solution for a specific type of businesses in your area, you can visit several of them or just search online to get an idea about how such businesses usually operate.

Analyze The Competitors

Just like analyzing prospects, analyzing competitors is equally important. You must have a sense of what your competitors are offering to similar local businesses that you are targeting. And while analyzing your competitors’ offering, you should be able to identify a few areas that they may be lacking or where you can offer something better. Obviously, in order to deliver something better and beating your competitors, you have to come up with something unique that is not there in what they are offering. It would be a good idea to analyze several competing apps and identify their weaknesses and make those weaknesses the strength of your mobile apps. So, get to work and analyze some of the top iPhone apps that your competitors are selling to your prospects.

Pitch Your Idea Right

Pitch Idea RightAfter doing all the analysis, you must have the idea around which you’ll be developing your app and there will be clear features in your mind that your app will offer. You can use that for developing the app, or at least a demo/prototype. And, after that the actual selling starts. If you’re approaching this by actually visiting local businesses and pitching your idea to them, you’d be better off selling benefits rather than features.

When pitching your app idea, tell local business owners exactly how your app can benefit them and what results they can be able to achieve at the end of the day. Also, be concise in this so that you can deliver your idea to them easily. Having a demo at hand would do wonders as you can actually show them what they will be getting in the end.

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Be Visible

Now this one is a pure marketing concept. You can either approach your prospects one by one or just be visible everywhere so that anyone looking for something like what you are offering comes searching for you. Visibility in the digital world matters more than anything else to the mobile app developers. And for that, you can get your app featured on some of the best app review websites, your own business website that must be fully search engine optimized, and on popular social media as well. You can share images of the app’s interface and create some interesting promotional videos as well to grab the attention of the masses.

Offer Incentives for Recommendations

Offer Incentives For RecommendationsAnother good ploy is to offer incentives to your existing customers for recommending your app to similar businesses. These incentives could be anything from small gifts to shopping vouchers or even discounts and monetary incentives on each sale.

Making money selling mobile apps requires some serious effort on your part and you really need to take a proactive approach to grab the attention of the audience. A solid offering matters more than anything else and you should keep that in mind while developing the app so that it can easily beat your competitors. So, get to work, develop your app and sell it to local businesses while keeping all above mentioned points in mind.

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