Migrate PST File to Office 365 Cloud Platform Easily

Microsoft provides many advance features for their users. That’s why people want to switch to Office 365. So here I am going to explain that how to migrate PST file to Office 365 Exchange online. And I also discuss two possible methods for importing PST data into Office 365 portal so follow any one of them.

Method 1: Import PST file to Office 365 –Manually

When you are planning to migrate PST to Office 365, you need to allow sharing permission in your folder where your PST files are stored.

For this follow the instruction.

  • Select the folder where PST file and open property by right click on the folder>> Sharing >> Share.

Import PST file to office 365

  • Then Choose the people & Addand click on Share>> Done.
  • Now copy the Network Path and save on the notepad.

Step 1: Office 365 import by using service

  •  First, open your office 365 admin account. Then go to Admin Center >> Exchange.
  • Now a window will appear on the screen then select Exchange Admin Center>> Permission>>Organization Management >>+ sign>>Mailbox import export >>Add then click on Ok.

Mailbox import export

  • Again select Mailbox import export option >> Save.

MIE role

  • Once you click on save. Then go to Admin center >>Setup>>Data Migration and click on Upload PST file.

upload pst file

  • A new window will open on the screen then click on New Import Job. And then type the Job name like Import PST to Office 365>> Next >>check on Upload Your Data>> Next.

upload your data

Step 2: Install Azure AzCopy Tool

  • Once you click on next you will see some option will appear on the screen. Just select Show Network Upload SAS URL, copy the URL and past on the notepad. And then click Download Azure AzCopy. When the tool will download then install and open Microsoft Azure window

Install Azure AzCopy tool

Now type the blow commend on Azure tool.

AzCopy.exe/Source:\\Network Path/Dest:”SAS URL”/v: Give the location where you want to save log file\AzCopy.log/Y

Note: Network Path is the folder location; we got after giving the sharing permission.

Sample Code:

AzCopy.exe /Source:\\DESKTOP-MPKVU38\Users\le\Desktop\Import /Dest:”https://476d07f3b7d444a7a00a5a7.blob.core.windows.net/ingestiondata?sv=2015-04-05&sr=c&si=IngestionSasForAzCopy201806090656050007&sig=hccYVWvlkOhp6FISVYywwt9W9YlzRoQfXqGZvq14jqM%3D&se=2018-07-09T06%3A56%3A09Z” /V:c:\Users\le\Desktop\AzCopy.log /Y

After that press the enter key on the keyboard when it done, it will show like this:

upload pst

Now close this window and go to the desktop.

Step 3 Create CSV File for PST mapping

  • Open the MS Excel or notepad and create the CSV file like this.


Workload: It is used to import PST file into mailbox, use Exchange.
FilePath: It is use to specify the folder location. You can leave blank this option.
Name: It is use to PST file that will imported to the user mailbox.
Mailbox: enter the email of mailbox in which you want to import the PST file.
IsArchive: If import data in to primary mailbox it is FALSE and when you import data to Archive mailbox it is TRUE.
TargetRootFolder: To specify the root folder where you want to import the data in mailbox. You can leave it blank.

  • Now go to the Import Data window and check on the both option and click on Next.

Mapping check on

  • Once you click on Next a new window will open on the screen then upload the created file for the import job>> Select mapping file and upload CSV file >> Validate>>Save.

select mapping file

  • When it complete, your PST file will successfully import into Office 365.

file import

Method 2: Migrate PST to Office 365 by Using Third-party Solution

As you can see that above method is time-consuming and not easy for a non-technical person. If you are not comfortable with PowerShell then you can use a third-party tool which will import PST file to Office 365 without any PowerShell command. And there are many third-party tool is available MailsDaddy PST to Office Migration Tool is one of them. This is a GUI based software and easy to use. It will also allow migrating multiple PST file into Office 365 at a time including contacts, emails, calendars, appointments, and notes etc.

Overview of its Feature:

  • No size limit
  • Import selected items
  • Import all PST file at a time etc.
  • Import PST to Primary Mailbox
  • Import PST to Archive Mailbox
  • Bulk export facility to migrate multiple PSTs to different O365 accounts.


In this post, I discussed that how we can migrate PST file to Office 365 cloud platform easily and I also explain two possible ways for migration. You can choose any one of them which is suitable for you. If you have still any doubt just leave me a message on the comment box. I will be happy to help you.

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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