Top 10 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

Language is one of the tool for communication between two persons and present youngsters are eager to learn different new languages and is the trend for youngsters for learning different languages. There are number of ways for learning nay new language either by attending training given by experts or by learning in normal way of reading and writing. With the advancement in technology there is no need of learning language in normal way. New languages can be learnt in easy manner by using the technologies which can help you to improve your new language skills perfectly.

Whether you are new learner or want to improve your communication skills you can download these mobile apps in your mobile phone and enjoy learning new language without feeling boring. These mobile apps work on both android and iOS mobiles in any versions. Here is the list of 15 new free mobile apps which you can improve your language skills.

1. Hello English: Learn English

This is the best app to the learners who are eager to learn fluent English and is covers from basics to professional English learning techniques. It covers vocabulary, translations, grammar, spelling, spoken and reading skills. This supports 22 languages and can choose your native language to use from here.

After words this app gives you some questions and based on your answers app will recommend lessons to start from there. For practice this app gives you new audio books, latest news, and other books to enhance your English skills. It is available in both free and premium versions.

Hello English


2. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

If you are new and want to learn English from scratch so this Duolingo app helps to learn the new languages from scratch. It uses different interactive games to learn 23 languages which also include English. It starts from learning verbs, phrases and sentences, writing, speaking and vocabulary lessons.

If you make mistake in the game it will move to other game to correct it and if you do mistake again it moves to other game to help you to understand. This app also available in two versions, both in free and premium versions.



3. Memrise: Language Learning

The power of memrise is now available in pocket sized format, you can learn languages, geography, History, Science, pop culture and everything. This app is entirely free for use. Memrise provide a large variety of courses for a lot of different languages, including English, German, Russian, Arabic and Russian. These courses are constructed by other members of the Memrise community, making Memrise a crowd-sourced language learning platform. Most of the lessons are gamified, and Memrise offers all the tools to let regular users create courses.

Memrise- Language Learning


4. Learn English Grammar (US Edition)

Learn English grammar (US edition) is a top grammar learning app which is used to improve your English grammar accuracy. This app gives you 1000 questions which helps you to practice your English grammar skills.

Four Levels from Beginner to Advanced 

This app is suitable for learners of all levels beginner to advanced and offers grammar activities at Beginner (CEFR level A1), Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced (CEFR level C2). Start at your level, and as your grammar accuracy improves, progress to the next.

Learn English Grammar (US Edition)


5. busuu – Learn Languages

By this app every one can learn different languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish with the Busuu app in easy way by communicating with the communities with over 50 million speakers. You can set your goal and track your progress with this Busuu app.

busuu - Learn Languages-min


6. Awabe

This app helps you to learn 4000 vocabulary and common phrases and this app contains a lot of data to improve your English skills. Awabe offers you with audio, video, translations and games to learn English. And, you will get the listing, speaking and memorizing test that ensure your skills stay fluent. The app works offline and it’s completely free. 



7. HelloTalk Language Exchange

This app helps you to learn new language by connecting you with native speakers to help you to improve your skills. You can send text messages, audio messages and even you can make video calling with the matched people. You can select the person which you set with the particular person by seeing the personal data in the side bar of the app.

HelloTalk Language Exchange


8. English Speaking Practice:

It is the app which works in normal way by listening the voice and speaking and record your voice. It has already some videos which was created by experts. You can compare your recorder words with the native speaker and then based on that you can improve your pronunciation skills.



9. English Verb trainer:

Learn and practice the conjugations which are very helpful in English grammar verbs. This app is useful to the persons who are going trips to UK, USA, Canada etc. and the persons who want to learn English.

English Verb Trainer


10. FluentU – Learn languages

It is a website / Android / iOS app. It is available in both free and paid versions – it starts from $8 – $18 per month or $80 – $180 per year. In this app you can learn English through music videos, news, inspiring talks and commercials.

FluentU - Learn languages


Closing Thoughts

Are an English beginner, then I will highly recommend you to start from Hello English and then use Duolingo to take full command over the language. For fluent spoken in English, you can also try out HelloTalk and Lingbe. Do let us know in the comments box which one of these apps you are planning to use to improve your English. If you like this list of mobile apps to learn English faster so don’t forget to share this article on social media because sharing is caring!!!

Don’t forget to share this article!

Don’t forget to share this article!