How to Play Android Games on Windows PC

We are living in the age of digital giants. And for all the gaming enthusiasts, it becomes imperative to know how to switch between Android and Windows Operating Systems when it comes to playing Android games on your Laptop.

It has always been a major source of headache for the video gamer’s when their favorite games are on Android and they are not able to play them on their PC or Laptop because of compatibility issues. Many a time, you want to play games on Windows PC or your laptop and your favorite games run only on Android. Good news is, you now can play Android games on other operating systems as well. There are a number of software’s available now to facilitate this crossover. We are going to discuss them to give you an insight.

Play Android Games on Windows PC with Android Emulators

Following are the 4 best Android emulators to play Android games on PC/Desktop with ease. Just download any of these Android emulators on your Windows PC and start playing your favorite Android games on PC, Desktop, Laptop or computer.

Android Studio


An Android emulator has been released by Google and is part of official Android Studio. This emulator can create virtual devices that can support any version of Android, of course with different resolution and configurations. This emulator has complex configuring setup and is a little slower but it is quite useful for the developers to test the apps.

Firstly, you have to get an installer from Google and run its setup to download the platform. The latest version, whichever is available at the time of instalment, you will be able to get it for your PC or laptop. Another hiccup you may face with this emulator is file management as there is no Play Store. And before you become too dis hearted by it, you must know that the emulator provide the features of unaltered Android which is only possible when its right from the source. This emulator runs the apps the same way they run on devices and supports everything supported by Android. It’s not for everyday use, though as it is rather sluggish but once in a while, it can provide you with quality experience.


BlueStacks HD App Player Pro

BlueStacks is most popular Android emulator being used by the gamer’s to play Android games on other Operating Systems. It is very easy to install. Once you have installed it on your device, it can run in the separate window or on your Windows Desktop. The best thing about BlueStacks is the fact that its environment matches that of Android which make the experience more authentic and enjoyable. It gets you to connect with Google Play and directly install Android games to your emulator. This relieves you from file management hassle. This also allows you to run WhatsApp on your PC.

The only significant downside to BlueStacks is that the modifications made by the company to get the apps to work on PC, sometimes results in the apps’ failure to run or experience unexpected crash. And the apps may not render the same on BlueStacks as on Android.

Geny Motion

Geny motion

Genymotion is another emulator that can be used as an alternative to BlueStacks. It showcases speed and other imposing features that make it a good choice. You can use drag-and-drop feature to install different apps and games. It also supports testing the apps on big screens.

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Android PC Ports

Then there are a few versions of OS that are modified for the purpose and can be installed on your PC. Although, not all system will be able to support them, but there are few ports of Android that can run on your PC desktop. Two types available are the Android-x86 Project and Remix OS. You can install it even on a Virtual machines like VMware or Virtual box.

So getting to decide between them can be a little tricky but there are a few thumb rules that can help you decide. For instance, if you are interested in testing different apps and games, emulators are the best; they are sluggish but will help in testing pretty well. Android PC Ports are more fun to run the games on as they feature speed and solid gaming experience. And if you want quite a number of Android apps and games to run on your PC or Laptop and want to enjoy quality run, then BlueStacks is definitely your cup of tea.

So, these were some easy ways to play Android games on the bigger screen of your PC with full ease. Simply, so don’t be late pick your favorite android emulator and start enjoying with your games.

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