How to Promote YouTube Videos to Gain Traffic!

In retrospect, gaining traffic is all about exploiting all your possible avenues for reaching your potential viewers. Here I have compiled different ways to increase the traffic your YouTube channel needs and <> arranged it into an easy-to-remember guide.

1. Create

Create attention-grabbing titles for your YouTube videos. You can have your videos be as thoroughly entertaining as possible, but without a “hook”, your videos cannot reach its full viewer count.

Make your own appropriate thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Do not even try to mislead your viewers by using irrelevant and unrelated thumbnail to trick them into watching.

Create your own promotional channel trailer. With the relatively new feature of YouTube, you can now make your own channel trailer that can serve as a way to persuade your viewers to watch all the other videos you’ve provided for them.

Create collaborations with other YouTube personalities. Cross-promotion is a good way to share in the traffic your collaborators have.

2. Deliberate

Deliberate on the pros and cons of “buying” views. A rising trend in social media marketing now is the ability to pay for YouTube views. It is considerably riskier to pay for YouTube views compared to traditional marketing schemes, but if it is executed properly, it will definitely induce the image of having more traffic to your channel. To pay for YouTube views, however, should be your last resort.

Deliberate and locate a safe and recommended views provider. YouTube is very strict about their security regulations, so making the mistake of hiring the wrong enterprise for this kind of service will automatically result to grave consequences, such as the removal of your account.

Websites like Fiverr however offer a safer, more labour-intensive alternative to buy real Youtube views. To buy real Youtube views in this manner poses less risks than bot-operated views.

3. Embed

Embed in every other social networking site other than YouTube such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumble etc so that internet users of such respective sites can also watch your videos thereby increasing your viewer count Include backlinks to all the networking sites you participate to encourage them to come and watch your videos.

Embed all your content in your own blog to increase the chances they will appear through the use of search engines. Transcribe your videos and have them be posted in your blog at a regular basis.

4. Engage

Engage with your viewers by asking for their feedback. Make your viewers feel that their opinions, as well as their views, are well appreciated and are taken into consideration.

Ask your viewers to actively respond and comment on your videos. YouTube highlights the interaction you create with you viewers and ranks it highly in its search engine results.

Exercise genuine concern and interest for your viewers. Keep in mind that the key to a high viewer count is establishing positive relationships with your viewers. If you make viewers feel like they are part, responsible even, of your success, they will feel the urge to do their part in helping you reach it.

Nowadays, it’s easy to get ignored and be tossed aside with the influx of new and upcoming talents in YouTube. Letting that happen, however, is totally up to you.

Now, get up and climb that ladder to YouTube stardom !

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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