7 Compelling Reasons To Invest in Mobile App

If you are into a business that interacts with the users and customers for sale, you cannot be missing out on the mobile app. If we go by the stats, over 77% of the internet traffic is generated by mobile devices that also include mobile app usage. An average of 80% of the total time spent on the mobile phone by a user is on the mobile apps. These figures are a reminder to the business owners that it is the perfect time to invest in a mobile app.

If we delve deeper into the advantages that a business can reap with the help of mobile apps, we will get to know some very useful facts. The mobile devices have now gone quite advanced with several interactive features that can augment the usability of the app. The businesses can enhance the experience they offer to the users if they are able to tap these features in the best possible manner.

Earlier, mobile websites were used to target the mobile users but these websites had their own limitations. They were not able to provide an immersive experience to the users resulting the abandonment of the website. Mobile apps take the user experience up to several notches and are able to provide usability. For instance, a mobile app is able to use the native features of the mobile device like camera, accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS etc to make the experience quite interactive and interesting.

How Do Mobile Apps Make Difference?

There are 1.5 billion Android users and close to 1.3 billion iOS users in the world and mobile apps are the  best way to take your business to them.
Through features like push notification, offline access and others, a mobile app can personalize the users’ experience.
There are several platforms using which HTML5 cross-platform apps can be transformed to apps with native-like features.
A well-developed mobile app also aids brand establishment.

Why Should Businesses Invest in Mobile Apps?

Reasons to Invest Mobile App

As already made clear that, mobile apps can help a business beat the blue of users’ abandonment by affording them an exceptional user experience. The reasons that substantiate the need to invest in the mobile apps are even more intricate and intriguing. Let us elaborate them further.

Better Reach

The number of Mobile phone users is increasing at a fast pace and so is the number of mobile app users across all platforms. If there are robust, efficient and visually appealing mobile apps for different mobile operating systems, it will be easier for the business to reach out to the prospective clients and engage them effectively. The sales will be directly impacted if your business manages to be visible to the users more than the others.

Offering Enhanced Usability

An app is more convenient for the users as they can be fired just with a tap on the mobile device. Contrary to the mobile website that requires opening up the browser and typing the URL, a mobile app is easier to operate. Moreover, the usability that a mobile app offer cannot be compared to any other means. It clearly implies that the mobile phones are more usable and will engage users in a better way.

Better ROI (Return-on-Investment)

Mobile apps enhances the reputation of the brand and aids the conversion of more and more users to customers. Users often equate credibility of a service provider with the quality of the apps they offer. Companies investing more on mobile apps get better apps in return and are able to woo the users compelling them to avail the services. They naturally get an edge over their competitors that also contribute in the profit generation.

On-The-Go Marketing

If your company has a popular app, it also acts a platform that aids in marketing. You can send push notification to the users informing them about the latest offers and deals. Clicking on the notification will take the users directly to the section of the app where the offer is applicable. Moreover, you can also publish advertisements from other service providers and generate revenue.

Real time Data Collection

It is the era of big data and every move of the businesses is guided by the study of the shopping and browsing pattern of the users. Using your mobile app, you can effectively capture the real-time data about the users and use it to send personal notification and targeted ads to the users. This helps the business in taking informed decisions which mitigates the risk to a certain extent.

Customer Relationship

A long-lasting customer relationship is what every business needs these days. In the highly competitive scenario, it is tough for a company to retain the user as there are thousands of rivals that are eyeing your loyal customers. A mobile app that that offers immersive and addictive experience can ensure to some extent that the users are hooked on to the app for a long time.

Closing Remarks

Mobile apps are undoubtedly creating a huge impact on the digital ecosystem. Established enterprises as well as the startups must think of investing on the mobile apps as the quality of development is crucial to a great outcome. The more they invest on the apps, better streamlined the development process will turn out to be, resulting in better user satisfaction and enhanced ROI.

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Don’t forget to share this article!