How to Remove Copyright Watermark From PDF Files – Get the Solution

A Smarter Way to Remove Copyright Watermark from PDF Documents – Get The Solution

There is various security system based on different data types such as encryption, password protection, restriction, and many more. Watermark is one of them, which is frequently used as a security system and identification tool on important PDF files. Sometimes, users have got a PDF file that they need to keep, but the file that users want to save is embedded with copyright watermark which is distracting. In such circumstances, they want to eliminate copyright watermark from Adobe PDF files. Therefore, in this write-up, we will discuss on how to remove copyright watermark from PDF files. Here, both free manual solution as well as an efficient third-party approach are introduced that helps the user to remove watermark from multiple PDFs.

User’s Query

“Yesterday, I have downloaded a PDF file from internet. But, it contains the copyright watermark which affects my reading. So, I decided to remove copyright PDF file watermark. When I was manually trying to remove these watermark using Adobe Acrobat, then I got an error message:“You don’t have sufficient permissions to perform this task.”Can anyone help me to resolve how to remove copyright watermark from PDF files?”

Remove Copyright Watermark from PDF

“I needed a project report on the Public distribution system. Then, I searched and downloaded the report in PDF format from the web. But, I noticed that there is text Watermark added to it i.e. “COPYRIGHT”. I am in a dilemma and want to remove copyright PDF file watermark. Can anyone provide me the best solution to delete watermark in PDF?”

Manual Solution For “How to Remove Copyright Watermark from PDF?”

In order to remove copyright PDF file watermark, you can use the MS Word. Also, it is required to have Adobe Acrobat DC on your computer system. Now, to delete watermark in PDF, you have to follow these steps:

  • First, open the PDF file from which you want to delete watermark.
  • Then, select the Tool option from the right pane & click on it.
  • After that, many options like Import File, Export File, Create PDF, etc are displayed, then select Export PDF option.
  • Next, select the Microsoft Word as your export format.
  • In this step, select the Word Document.
  • Now, you have to click on the Export button to make it functional.
  • Then, a box will appear, you can name the Word file that user is converting from PDF in the name box and save it at the desired location in your system.
  • Next, open the saved Word File. If you still find the watermark.
  • Now, to delete watermark in PDF, go to the design/Page Layout tab.
  • After that, select the Page Background option >> Watermark.
  • This Watermark option contains options such as Customize Watermark & Remove Watermark.
  • Then, click on the Remove Watermark option to completely remove copyright watermark from PDF files.
  • At last, if you still get the watermark then, double-click on the header area of the document & select watermark and press Delete key.

An Automated Method to Delete Watermark in PDF Documents

If the user still finds the issue of “how to remove copyright watermark from PDF” even after using the above discussed manual method. Then, it is suggested to use third party solution i.e. PDF Watermark Remover Software. This third party application is of commercial use. This is the effortless tool to remove watermark from PDF in batch at a time, which is not possible by the manual method. Moreover, any image or text watermark is also removed by the software. Also, this utility guarantee to successfully remove copyright watermark from PDF files along with the provision of additional beneficial features to support the process.

The Final Words

Here we discussed on how to remove copyright watermark from PDF files and find that this is not an easy task. This article is very useful for users who really want to remove delete watermark in PDF file. There are certain guidelines mentioned which can quickly eliminate all types of the watermark. But, manually it requires concentrating on one document at a time. However, when the user wants to remove watermark from multiple PDF files then, for such purposes, it is best to choose a third party solution. The automatic solution is perfect for the workout in the best possible manner with maximum customization options.

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