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Migrating from SharePoint becomes Easy Now with SharePoint Migrator

SharePoint migrations are complicated enough as it is. The lack of time, assets/resources, and out-of-the-box alternatives can make it even worse. Each organization has a unique structure, permissions, work processes, setups, and metadata. Whether the user is migrating from On-Premises / Office 365 SharePoint to SharePoint Server On-Site or O365, there are complexities that most out of the third-party tools cannot cover.

SharePoint Migration Tool-minSharePoint Migration tool helps users to migrate their entire enterprise environment, or granularly move documents, records, lists, libraries, sites, site accumulations, work processes and more. Through this tool, users can personalize their migration experience according to their specific business requirements, without any complexity and impact to the users.

Technical Aspects of SharePoint File Migration Tool

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Product Name

SharePoint Migrator

Download Setup File Size2 MB


Hard Disk Space: 5 MB

RAM: 512 MB (1GB is recommended)

Processor: 1 GHZ (2.4 GHZ is recommended)

Windows OSCompatible with Windows 10 and all below versions
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Descriptive Features of SharePoint Migrator

Support Bulk Data Migration

The SharePoint file migration software is an eminent utility to manage all SharePoint database contents such as Sites, documents, library, lists and so forth. The application enables users to convert mailboxes and all other items in it with other Cloud-based storage services i.e., SharePoint, Office 365, etc. This tool can be utilized as an independent utility to perform multiple tasks related to migration.

SharePoint to SharePoint Migration

This option assists users to execute migration between two SharePoint databases. If users are required to move content/sites from one SharePoint database to another then, they need to enter credentials of both accounts. Additionally, the software will provide a list of all the mailboxes of both databases for a preview of source and destination on a solitary screen.

SharePoint to Office 365 Migration

Users are allowed to move the content of a SharePoint to Office 365 mailboxes with the help of this option. The tool will map all mailboxes and switch environment from SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 to Office 365 SharePoint Online. For utilizing this option, users are required to enter the SharePoint credentials in the Source end and Office 365 account details in destination end.

Office 365 to SharePoint Migration

If one is having an existing Office 365 account and want to switch to SharePoint then, this is the best option to use. To utilize this option, users are required to provide the Office 365 login credentials at the source end and SharePoint account credentials at the destination end. The software will display a list of all mailboxes and enable mapping to export the database from source to destination.

SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online Migration

SharePoint Migration software also allows users to perform the migration between Office 365 SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online. Users are required to check the option of Office 365 in both source and destination end for migrating sites/contents from Office 365 to Office 365 SPO. Here, users will be required to provide the login details at both Office 365 accounts.

Migration Mapping Alternative

The SharePoint Migrator allow users to export mailboxes from one server database sites to other. After successful account login, the tool will show a list of all mailboxes found in the database. Then, users can drag and drop single mailboxes from the source to desired destination location.

Enable User Mapping

The SharePoint file migration tool allows to create a User Mapping .csv file. For a successful migration of permissions and other data items such as Tasks, Contacts, Libraries, etc., users must generate a CSV file that comprises details of Source and Destination mailboxes of the user. This .csv file can be utilized at the time of migration.

Various Options for Migration

Before initiating the migration procedure, the tool will prompt a wizard to choose the desired migration options that include: Migrate permissions, Migrate dates, Overwrite folders, overwrite files and versions that are required to migrate (Latest or All). Here, users can check and uncheck the options as per their requirement and preferences.

Generate Complete Migration Report

After starting the migration procedure, the SharePoint Migrator will display the real-time database migration report. Users can view the data conversion status in three different tabs. Where the first tab will show the list of mailboxes that are pending for migration, second tab will show the pending mailboxes and third one display the list of successfully migrated mailboxes.

Allow Incremental Migration

The SharePoint migration tool has an option to perform the incremental migration. If a user has list of migrated and pending data items that are required to be migrated then, they can start the migration from that point where they last left it. This function reduces the costs and risk of data loss during migration.

Pause and Resume Option

Sometimes due to poor internet bandwidth or some other reasons, users need to stop the migration procedure. Thus, for a safe and secure SharePoint database migration tool provide a Pause and Resume option.

Option to Apply Date-based Filter

If users need to move the SharePoint data from a specific date range then, they can utilize its date-based filter option. The user just required to specify the date range in the to and from field, the SharePoint Migrator tool will transfer only data, which fall under that specified date range. There are two date filter provided for this: Creation Date and Modification Date.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The SharePoint Migration software maintains the folder structure as it is even after executing migration procedure. This is such an intelligent feature of software that prevents the user from any confusion after migrating database.


  • Support bulk database migration
  • Offers multiple migration options
  • Allow migration and user mapping
  • Supports all versions of SharePoint


Does not support on Mac Operating Systems

Final Verdict

SharePoint Migrator is a comprehensive solution to migrate and manage the content of SharePoint account. Through this tool, users can administer SharePoint database with permissions and can track the migration activities. Whether you are moving to the latest version of SharePoint or to Office 365, the tool is compatible with all versions.

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Don’t forget to share this article!