6 Proven Steps to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

While the website is one of the fundamental marketing components for the brand, it goes without saying that increasing web traffic gives enormous chances to optimize your reach to potential clients. It does not only ensure your growth but also impact’s your overall sales and reputation. So it’s important to continue your effort to maximizing your incoming traffic. When talking about ways to bring visitors, here’s what the contribution of social media comes in.

There are many reasons to use social media but one of the major motives is to boost web traffic. It’s already been proven that corrective social media strategies can drive huge visitors that can help you establish a successful online business. From SEO’s point of view, perfectly optimized social media activities and initiatives help the brand or message to be found in the top of the search. Appearing in the top of the search engine’s results maximizes the chance to increase engagements and visibilities to potential clients.

Sounds pretty simple, right? The real fact is- developing social media blueprints especially aimed to drive traffic for a website is not a piece of cake for all. But luckily there are some proven tricks that can make your planning worth in terms of outcome. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Fill up your profile and make sure your brand is visible

The first thing a visitor look after entering your social page is how well you organized your information on it; that means your profile. It’s the same for all social media channels. Actually, the profile shows a small description of what you do.

So that makes sense that you put your effort into displaying as much information as you can on your social bio including your web URL. It will not only increase the legitimacy of your brand but also direct your visitor to enter the website by clicking the URL: https://twitter.com/durgtech.


2. Increase referral traffic through social media share

Since of your targeted customers already there by following your business pages and because social media has become one of the important places for hangout, you can easily connect hundreds and thousands of potential clients. These days people share, copy, retweet and take different actions about the content those are shared on a social channel. That is the reason each of your social media content should have a sharing option. It’ll not only increase the chance of sharing your contents but also will build your brand’s social media proof.

The process is so effective that it’s being considered as one of the easiest ways to boost your web traffic.

3. Quantify your content effort

Good content was, is and will be always the main key to any successful marketing campaign; even it’s true for social media strategies. Opportunities, like targeting relevant audiences and reaching them in no time, are the key benefit of using the right social media channel. When you share contextual posts, videos and other contents in your social channel, it helps to build your brand awareness. This is the reason the relevancy and quality of content matters. Poor contents misguide the audience and distract right kinds of traffic and vice-versa.

A study by Smart Insights shows- every minute 3.5 million Facebook post and 0.5 million tweets are being shared through these channels. So unless you make your content worthy in terms of researching, writing and designing, you can’t expect the result you want. Publish unique and customer-focused content, optimized it, give it a reason and finally include a call to action so that people choose to engage with it. Since social engagement is a public endorsement, the more quality-full it’d be the more chance people will recommend those to their peers.

4. Creating Strategic call to action that actually converts:

Once your visitor interacts with your social media, the next step is to guide them what should do after that. A study conducted on social media showed that people are more likely to click if the content has clear direction on what it’d like the visitor to do, and the success rate is 88%. That is the secret to drive traffic through call-to-action.

So it’s important that you should have a clear call to action button and have to use appropriate language to make it count. Some of the common and successful CTAs are: ‘Visit Now’, ‘Comment Below’ and ‘Share on Twitter’. While different channel might have different buttons, use them where appropriate.

5. Inspire your audience with visuals

While first impression matters and essential to help the audience to make the decision, it’s important to capture their attention. Let’s have a look on Adobe’s Q4 2013 Index data. Adobe showed visual posts on social media was able to create 650% more engagement than text posts. Visual contents help people to make a buying decision with greater confidence. The report also described visual support of product demo inspired 85% audience to make a purchase decision right away compared to text campaign.

A perfect example would the use of Instagram channel; it’s an excellent resource to drive traffic to your site through visual elements. Because of its accessibility, 80 million photos and videos shared each day and the competition is getting harder. Data shows visual campaign on Instagram can create extra 4.21% level of engagement compared to other channels on social media. This drives the brand to increase effort for acquiring or buying more fans and followers on Instagram.

So, the best visuals on social media tend to include high-level footages, storytelling forms of motion pictures, and lastly well-designed layouts.

6. Participate with your audience consistently

Participating in trending conversation go viral. That is the main reason why finding these topics brought you enormous opportunity to lead the traffic to your website. This includes a side benefit as well; it helps you to create trending and relevant content. Social media channel like facebook Instagram and Twitter are particularly useful for this strategy. These channels want the users to interact with the trending news and activities and view them. So it’s your chance to come closer with your targeted audience. The more relevant the topic you choose the more chance that you’d get a higher rate of participants in your niche.

Trends on twitter are available based on the activity of your brand’s account. You can customize the search as well. Instagram and Facebook also have the same options as well.

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Now you know the most effective social media tips to drive traffic to your website. So implement them and watch the flow of a whole new subset of your audience through social media to your site and build a better brand.

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Don’t forget to share this article!

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