The Innovative Trends in Educational Technology

As we are living in a technological era. We can see the influence of technology in every field. Technology has brought a drastic change in our lifestyle and also in our professional lives. If we take one single field which is very important that is an educational field we can see a drastic change in our educational field.

In olden days we used traditional method in teaching learning process but now as we included technological devices in our educational system we accepted new techniques and ideas which enhance the educational process. At first, people didn’t like the usage of technology people and society thought that the use of technology in the educational field may affect their education and fill with negative vibes. As time passed new and innovative technologies are used in the educational field and kit really done magic and helped to enhance the learning process.

Distance Learning

One of the best trends that provided by the educational technology is online learning and distance education. I have seen so many people who dropped their dreams and studies just because of some financial reason or because of some limited boundaries. In such cases, distance learning helped to spread education without any kind of limitation and boundaries. As we are living in a technological era modern era but still there are some orthodox mentality people who don’t allow girls to studies some professions which are beyond their boundaries.

educational technology

For such people distance education offers different kinds of professional courses and they are not much expensive one. At first, people didn’t believe such information because it’s all related to education which is very important in every individual’s life. But now more than 60%of people admit themselves in distance education. It really helped in to earn people they can earn and learn.

All materials are provided online they will get all the needed materials and help on the internet. Online class lecture notes model question paper and also mock test everything will be available for such students and they can learn when they are free and ready to get knowledge. So it’s really helped people to continue their journey of learning and achieve their dreams.

Real Life Experience for Students

In olden days teachers used the traditional method in which students are not aware of the outside world. But after the influence of technology in educational field teacher uses the internet and other technological devices in the teaching process and to give the students real-life experience and make them understand the happenings of the world.

Students can’t be sitting in one place listening to what the teacher says and accept what she makes us understand but now students need something different. They must be connected to the real world and make them understand that whatever in their textbooks they all are connected to the real world. If they understand it then they can easily go in the flow of learning. Such experience will give a positive effect on their learning process and they will understand the subject into deep.

Digitalized Classroom

Research says that more than 80%of schools are now digitalized. Students get all kind of facility in the classroom. In each classroom, there are digital technological devices which are really useful for teaching process and are used by the teachers in the classroom. The teacher can show films videos which related to the subject. Such visual effect will positively affect students learning and they can easily understand and grasp the idea.

The class will be more interesting and attractive to students. Teacher use devices for presenting complicated topic through videos teacher can easily understand the topic and present. The teacher uses technological devices in their curriculum which will help to enhance the learning process of the students.

Paperless Educational System

In this modern era, the paperwork has been reduced drastically. Most people don’t use paper instead of that they use technological devices. In schools and colleges also teachers present their curriculum and notes online without wasting their time and money. Research shows that printing textbooks make a huge financial crisis. Instead of that textbooks must be uploaded online way every year and we can get all needed materials through online which help to reduce the printing cost of textbooks. Its eco-friendly process which will help to reduce the deforestation.

Trees are mercilessly cut for the purpose of paper and textbooks. If we use technology in that process we need not cut trees and we can go hand in hand with nature which is an eco-friendly educational process. Initiatives are taken by some schools in the world and we will spread that process in every single schools and college.

We can say that technology has deeply affected our educational system in a positive way there is no doubt about it. In future also new trends and innovative techniques are going to arrive and we must accept and encourage such thoughts to enhance our educational system and to provide quality education for students to achieve their dreams and lead a successful life ahead.


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