The Role of Video Marketing to Enhance the Online Visibility of Brands

One cannot overlook the transformation videos can bring into a business and its level of productivity. It has turned into the easiest yet effective tactics to grab the attention of online users and indulge them in the fascination from start to end. As per the market statistics, almost 80% of the consumers find demo videos of products and services to be helpful when making any decision.

Moreover, online buyers who watch demo videos are more inclined towards purchasing the product. As per the Google 2018 report, around 2/3 buyers stated that videos help them in making the buying decision and around 90% reach out to have a product after watching its video on YouTube.

Among other branding assets including logos and websites, video marketing stands as the most indirect method of spreading brand awareness and increasing online visibility. A video can turn into the most powerful tool for your brand as it can capture the attention of viewers; entertain them immensely alongside infusing the rich brand message into their mind. Before you begin to create your branding campaign or consider some video production companies, you must look into the five top ways a video can influence your strategy. Read on the list of ways mention below:

5 Stats that Prove Your Brand Needs a Video

Educating The Masses/ Target Audience

With the shift in the technological landscape, a massive wave of modernization seems to have flooded various techniques, norms, professions, and approaches. Now customers do not fall for a sales pitch bragging the product from head to toe. A more value-added approach is being followed. Now you need to examine each product and look as to how you can present it in front of your customers.

In this regard, videos help marketers up to a great extent. Through a video, you can address the common issues users have been facing and how your product can offer a better solution. You can showcase your product in the most effective manner. Moreover, according to Hubspot, 97% of marketers have found a video to be helpful when it comes to spreading product information.

Search Engine Optimization

According to the algorithms working on search engines, they prefer content that is rich, valuable, and easy to grab. A video falls in these criteria perfectly. With strong titles, engaging graphics, effective content having precise information, a video increases the productivity of the brand. The landing pages having a video on it enjoys a higher chance of getting ranked As per the Google stats, such websites have 53 times more likelihood to appear among the top suggestions. Moreover, around 80% of the websites will be having video content by the end of the year 2021 as per the research presented by Cisco.

Staying Competitive

You can get all sort of stuff and messages through a full-fledged video. An explainer video lasting for not more than 90 seconds can create a world of difference taking your states from ground level to high up the sky. You can deliver your messages efficiently and can interact with your target customers without any trouble. One of the most effective ways a video can market your product is by incorporating a message or a story in it.

You cannot only be able to indulge your viewers but can sustain their attention throughout the video. Once the viewer is fully convinced, he will feel motivated to share your content that will eventually give rise to your online visibility. Around 81% of online businesses prefer to use video as their marketing tool.

Getting Personal

Personalization if one of the most important ingredients to make a successful online brand. If you want to take a leap to success, you must ponder on two of the most powerful techniques that are personalization and customization. You have to take a step closer to your customers along with opening up yourself in front of them more frequently. Have you ever wonder why a TVD lover likes to watch behind the scene videos.

Well, if a customer likes your product he sure would like to learn more about your business and how you operate. Making mini video clips and interactive stores for your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be your ticket to enjoy outbound success. Moreover, live video streaming is predicted to account for 13% of online traffic as per the Cisco report.

Boosting Conversions

Where uploading a video on a landing page influence its Google ranking it also enhances its conversions up to 80%. According to Wyzowl around 74%, online users buy a product after viewing its explainer video. Moreover, a video keeps the visitor busy and indulged on a landing for a longer duration that eventually creates an impact on its rate of conversion. The biggest advantage of having a video is that you can feed the distracted visitors without an interesting option to grab the information.

Wrap Up

You can make an ideal video of your brand within no time. All you have to do is to learn about your target audience and see what features appeal to them. Moreover, when adjusting the duration of your videos keep in mind the standard duration of individual platforms. For instance, the videos for Instagram are not more than 30 seconds long. Similarly, those of Facebook can of 60 seconds. Grab some of the basics and get started working on your video to boost productivity.

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Don’t forget to share this article!