SEO for Web Designers: Important Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Website

While creating new websites, most novice designers only care about the look of websites. Being a web designer, many people often catch fire with some crazy idea on web design. This leads to unnecessary designer creativity on the site. Unfortunately, many web designers do not always consider one of the most important goals of the website- to be found on the WWW with all important keywords and phrases.

Apart from the large-scale advertising strategies, the best way to help users find your website on the web is to optimize it for large search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google or Yandex. All web designers must know that the SEO begins with the beginning of the development of a web page. So, what are the important SEO factors a web designer or developer should keep in mind while creating websites? Let’s search now.

Take Care of Website Structure at First

Site structure is one of the most important factors when you start optimizing a website. The structure of the site implies how your pages are linked with each other. Search engine bots judge your site by its configuration. Always keep in mind that the file hierarchy and sitemap play a decisive role in whether you get high ranking in the SERPs of websites or not.

If you want to be found in the top search results of different search engines with all important keywords under your niche, ensure your website has a logical layout, which is easy to view. Add isolated pages on your website with internal and external links. On a healthy website, all pages are interconnected and functional and everything should proceed efficiently.

Straightforward and Hassle-free Navigation

Website navigation should be in the priority list of any web designer who is interested in search engine optimization. Your website should have a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand navigation system. E-commerce websites should have a secondary navigation path to allow customers to go deep on the website and find the desired products in a few clicks. You must know that with a compact architecture, users will have access to any page through several links.

Add Meta description for All Web Pages

In simple words, a meta description is a small excerpt on the search page, which is a brief overview of what your page is about. Each page of your site must have a meta description of 160 characters or less.

Always keep in mind that meta description is a great tool to encourage users to follow your link. This is a way to draw attention to your keyword because Google scans and highlights keywords in the meta description to let users know what will be the main theme of the content that they are going to visit.

Always remember that you do not need to write meta descriptions for each page of your site, only for the most important ones. Make sure you do not duplicate your meta descriptions for multiple pages as it will backfire you badly.

Unique Content

Gone are the days when the content was filled or placed with invisible text. Nowadays, Search engine robots are smart enough and know what is right and what is not. All website designers and developers must use unique content in website creation without any fail. It’s up to SEO professionals and content writers to offer error-free and ready-to-use content for website designers. The use of low-quality content in website creation can be a suicidal step for all entrepreneurs who want to enter in the web-based business.

Create a Perfect Design for Content Presentation

Web designers and developers want everything to look good. They wish everything should make sense and be aesthetic. So, they use too many elements on website graphic. For example, many designers want to create a unique menu with a decorative font and an obscure form behind each link. They create the graphics and simply use the image of the map instead of encoding it.

As content presentation plays an important role in the success of the online business, you should leave something on the site as text. There are tons of advances in HTML and CSS as well as plug-ins that help make all this a reality.

Also, don’t use too many graphics for text, content and all things “scanned” will play a big role in your Page Rank. You must create a website in such a way that SEO professionals can easily display the content and attract the attention of the targeted audience.

Use ALT Attributes with Images

When you insert an image on your website or webpage, always add an ‘alt’ tag to it. This tag is an alternative description of your image, which helps search engines to understand your content easily and effortlessly. This feature helps search engines to determine the relevance of the site. It also helps you to increase the search engine rankings of your website.

Crystal Clear Coding

Regardless of who is coding your website, clean coding must be done to gain the greatest advantage in search engine optimization. The better the code, the easier it is for search engines to “crawl” your website, find out the advertised materials, index them, and show in SERPs.

Always remember that these are machines and formulas that try to rank your site in relation to other sites. So, you need to provide them with the easiest and most understandable access to information.

So, you need to have an idea of website coding in the preliminary planning stage. It will be easier to design websites because you are familiar with the ifs and buts of coding. Always implement a coding hierarchy to create amazing websites easily and effortlessly.

Proper Placement of Keywords on the Website

You must perform the keyword analysis to find out what interests your audience. You can use free tools or just make informed assumptions about topics that should be covered or things that must be displayed on the site. Use keywords, but don’t forget about to maintain the balance. Try not to be redundant as search engines can mark your website as SPAM. Do everything within the limits to be relevant and highly useful for the audience you want to target.

Website Speed

Research shows that 40% of users leave the site if its loading speed in more than 3-4 seconds. Today’s internet generation doesn’t have the patience to wait for websites or web pages to load on their devices. Slow loading websites give a headache to SEO professionals as they are difficult to optimize. Just keep only necessary elements on your website and take all possible measure to increase its speed as far as possible.

Use Extended Snippets

Just like meta descriptions, extended snippets are displayed on the results page and provide additional information. For example- when you look for “the best Samsung washing machines”, some sites display ratings, reviews, prices, and availability of goods in stock. This info offered by search engines increases the amount of organic traffic to your website because it immediately gives the person valuable information on the keyword. Apart from this, an advanced option that includes a product image or video is part of your search engine marketing. You can also use avatars in visual marketing to spice up your meta descriptions with extended snippets.

URL Optimization

These days, web designers use different content management systems to create different types of websites in bulk one after another as the demand for new websites are increasing with each passing day as a number of people enter in the web-based business. When a new page is created on websites which are built with a CMS system, it automatically creates default URLs, which are messy and non-SEO friendly.

You should optimize such URLs and make them more beautiful by adding relevant terms and phrases. Optimized URLs are preferred by Google and shown in the top search results with all important search terms and keywords, generating more traffic to your website and allowing you to create more revenues every day.

Final Words

Many web designers unknowingly ignore the different SEO aspects while creating new websites or web pages. There is no guaranteed way to increase the SEO ranking of websites on the web and get a large number of views every day.

In general, the best way to guarantee all these things is to provide great content and amazing products/services for different search engines and the targeted audience. All web designers and developers must use these SEO factors to create professional and stylish websites one after another that can help digital marketing professionals in SEO campaigns and enable them to generate leads and sales in bulk. Good luck!

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