Tips and tricks to Create an Ethnic Dining Room

Bringing in some easy tips to create an amazing dining room for your home

Many indigenous civilizations have left their mark on us whether it comes to style, décor, art or even culture. The ethnicity of Indian décor and design is massively derived from dated Indian culture that is still fresh with us. Ethnicity does not just curb itself to furniture décor but has widely expanded itself to various other categories like art, fashion, food, lifestyle etc.

The reason an ethnic style dining room stands out from various other styles is that of the vibrant colors involved in it, the traditional designs that implore the use of various materials to make the pieces of art or furniture what they truly are. It is safe to say that the ethnic style takes its inspiration from rich traditional heritage and nativity from remote places in our country.

When it comes to décor, the ethnic style has made a place for itself which is absolutely true to itself and is also unique. If you are looking to incorporate a soft royal touch to your homes, why not adopt an ethnic style for your dining room or dining area? This way, you get a touch of the style that you want and don’t end up disrupting the theme of the entire house as well and still end up adding some ethnic dining room furniture pieces.

Follow These Below Mentioned Tips and Tricks


Pendant Lamp

Pendant lamps are known to hang from the ceiling and are a hybrid of a chandelier and a lamp. You can hang an intricately designed pendant lamp made up of metal above your dining table for the essence of its light and so that it adds a certain charm to the room.
Brass or Steel Dinnerware

Ditch your glass dinnerware or china crockery for a beautiful set of brass or steel dinnerware, from plates to bowls to glasses. This will add a touch of ethnicity that you’re looking for and make the experience of eat8ng enjoyable and satisfactory.


To maintain subtly in your décor style but still give a punch of ethnicity, you can place a carpet below your dining table. Mind you, this carpet will not be solid colored or have modern abstract designs, instead, you’ve got to choose on with motifs and more of an Indianized pattern to go with the ethnic feel.

T – Lights

For a centerpiece of the dining table, you can have T – lights floating in water in wooden bowls with carvings or a decorative T – light holder that celebrate the ethnic design look one is going for.

Colour Scheme

In order to stay in the essence of this décor style, the colour palette should range from yellows to reds to browns to oranges. So if you’re thinking of changing your dining chairs’ upholstery, you can go in for a colour from this palette. With these nifty ideas that we’ve just listed for you, we hope you can achieve your ideal look with ethnic dining room furniture. All it takes is a simple to start for a beautiful revolutionary change.

To bring some warm ethnicity in your dining rooms, make use of the above-mentioned tips and tricks in order to nail the ethnic dining room setting. Sure it’ll take you some time to get the right pieces for your home, but don’t just stop there.

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