10 Essential Tips for WordPress Beginners

WordPress opens the doors of possibility for WordPress lovers to set up and manage all sorts of web contents. To shed a light beam on the arena, there are many built-in WordPress features that you should get familiar with in order to be a pro at what you are doing. The highlighted features of WP that are indicated here can make your blogging life easy, smart and professional. Do not forget to find time and browse through the plethora options in the menu on your left, the screen options at the top, the options within the Editor and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you have overlooked. This post will mainly focus on discovering the many little hidden options that we can begin to use to make our WordPress lives easier in daily routine.

1. Smart WordPress Installation

While creating a marvel at WP, you would not want to use the WordPress folder that shows up in your URL, or it will end with the URL like “durgtech.com/WordPress”. TO avoid that, you should install WP in the main directory of your computer or use a convenient sub-domain.

2. Do not Overdo the Plugin Game

The potential of plugins is undoubtedly enough to enrich your website. Plugins can do everything from merely changing font size and colour to sharing over several social media accounts. There is not a second thought over the functionalities they lend to WordPress, but at the same time you have to be careful and not overuse them. Too many plugins can make your website slow to load. If you notice any problems with your site after installing any new plugin, deactivate it immediately and try to fix the problem.

3. Pages & Posts are Distinct

Post and pages are two different things. The content of the pages are embedded in the HTML code like a fixture. But posts may be dynamic. Visitors can interact with post content because it is volatile. Ideally the page content should be static, and the page names can be like Home, About Us, Terms, etc., but the posts should be your blogs or articles on different topics.

4. Back Yourself with a Reliable Backup

Data loss over the web is something inevitable. To safeguard yourself, do not be lazy to back up your WP site regularly. Some hosts give a 24-hour complimentary backup, but anyway it is more advisable to backup to be on the safer side. There are plugins that can perform this task on your behalf. Just browse the plugin directory from “WordPress.org.” to get a millions of options at the fingertips.

5. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Use pictures and graphical images to make your websites worth more than surfing and increase your site traffics. The use of relevant images is more advisable than text. Respect copyright laws while using images and add an alt text with all images. This will help to rank higher in search engine results.

6. Keep an Eye on the Footer

Unfortunately most WP managers, intentionally or unintentionally, end up overlooking the footer. It is integral part of a website since you get a space to add your copyright and business information there. You may also add other pertinent links or information in the footer space. Do not forget to update it at regular intervals.

7. Terrific Theme Game

For the ones who do not exactly know, a theme is the visual schema that decides the overlook of your website. Do not take choosing the theme lightly. The design and layout of a website is based on the theme. Carefully choose a theme that appropriately represents your business or the purpose of your website. Once completed, you cannot change the theme easily, so take ample time while choosing the most appropriate theme of your website.

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8. Innovatively Customize the Permalinks

For the knowledge, Permalinks are the URLs you provide on your post through WordPress. By default the permalinks may be ugly or turn out to be excessively long. You are allowed to change the structure and make it SEO and user-friendly website. You can change the structure by clicking Settings > Permalinks. On reaching there, you will get several options to customize on your own.

9. Social Sharing

Social media is an essential part for your website thinking about the traffic, backlinks and functionalities. There are many plugin options for social sharing that allow your visitors to share your content on social pages effortlessly with a tap. Use the latest plugins on your India web design to make it a masterpiece.

10. Keep the Plugins Update

It has been realised ever since that the WordPress and all the plugins are constantly improved. You need to keep up with all of the updated versions to nullify the possibilities of a hack attack with an older version. You can update all of these with one mouse click. Just check for an update on your plugins or your admin dashboard and install it.

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Don’t forget to share this article!