Top 15 Content Marketing Trends That will Dominate in 2018

Content marketing is a key marketing technique focused on generating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and inform audience about a particular brand. It has gained popularity as an online marketing strategy over the last few years. And as the era is changing, content marketing is going to implement some techniques in the coming year to stand itself in the competition. There are some marketing trends which a marketer must know about the content marketing.

Marketing has undergone a major transformation in the last few years, responding to new technologies and changes in consumer behaviors and attitudes. Content marketing and automation are just some of the new skills and technologies successful marketers need to learn today to better understand and help their consumers. So what do marketers must know to stay ahead of their competition in 2016 and beyond? Here are 15 content marketing trends you can’t ignore and must start now or risk extinction:

1. Story Description

Over the last few years, I observed that just telling and narrating stories to the people is not much enough to change their minds. A meaningful description and inspiration is much required in a story to attract peoples. A story should not only have words in it but also make peoples feel for those words. And by now, many content marketers understand the strength of storytelling and importance of emotions which they had ignored before.

2 User Created Content

Content marketing is started with articles, Facebook and followed by a tweet. For then it was enough but by now it is spreaded globally on a large scale and became militarized and industrialized. Content marketer has now recognized the power and value of content and publishing. Creating content while keeping in mind the stakeholders, employee advocates, and the consumers is always beneficial for a meaningful and attractive content. User created content is one of the strategy in content marketing.

3. Original Content

Original content is gold, it brings a value and freshness to the world. Peoples will trust on your content when only it is genuine and original as fake images or duplicate content is assumed as repost. Original content is always taken on priority basis. There are lots of online software tools which can help to overcome with the problems like duplicacy.

4 Quality Long form Content

Long form content is also an essential part of content marketing as it is a key component for content marketers. Long form content helps you getting more what you want, more online visibility, more proof of your authority and industry expertise. Creating quality content is a long term content marketing trend that the top publishers understand.

5. Live Streaming Video

Video Marketing

Live streaming video is a best way to interact with the audience. Sharing live videos with the audience can make them feel more engaged to your company or industry. The key here is not just showing the videos, but also let users to be a part of it. This is a perfect way to increase engagement because you’re showing people that you care about their thoughts and suggestions.

6. Relationship Marketing

It is estimated that 2 billion consumers worldwide will own a Smartphone by 2016. The opportunity and need to stay connected with customers and prospects on-the-go is more important now than ever. Relationship marketing has shifted away from short-term customer engagement and individual sales to building longer term engagement and stronger loyalty, to drive more meaningful customer connections, word-of-mouth promotions, lead generation, and ultimately sales.

7. Influencers

Influencers are a new species that establish credibility in the market. In the modern time influencers plays an important role in content marketing.

Types of influencers:

  • YouTube influencers
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Twitter influencer
  • Podcast influencers

“Original content, distribution and credibility are the common things in all of the above influencers”

8. Expiring Content

Content expiration provides the ability to specify a global “freshness” date on all assets in a content submission or specific freshness date on a single item. Automatic daily task assignment to content contributors and publishers to review, update, or remove expired content. Each of these areas are explained further in the following sections.

9. Optimized Content

Optimized content is one of the weapon that is widely used in content marketing. There are the following reason why marketer should use optimized content:

  • Improved and prolonged organic search rankings
  • Increased impressions
  • Increased likelihood of clickthroughs
  • Conversions and leads

10. Content Marketing Automation

By the time content marketer realize that without automation their content, efforts and effectiveness didn’t work very well. Marketing automation tools are moving from a “nice to have” to being essential and they do not have to be expensive. Delivery of content and distribution to multiple channels including email and social networks is complex and fragmented.

11. Interactive Content

Interactive content is an optimum way to educate, inform, entertain, and engage your audience. It is one of the important factor in content marketing as it is a way to have a conversation with your audience. Interactivity brings the dynamism and persuasive power of an in-person interaction to a landing page, blog, email, paid media ad – or anywhere else you might find your audience.

12. Mobile

Content marketers understand that web site design forms an integral part of content marketing. With smart phones, that may require implementing responsive web design and creating a web portal that works well across all devices. Customers expect a congruent experience across devices and channels, so it pays for your brand to give them what they want. Mobile is a primary device for accessing augmented reality.

13. Video

Content marketer knew that streaming video is one of the best trend but they should be also familiar with the value use of pre-recorded video. Fast emerging video marketing technology platforms are starting to replace multiple tools (from editing to landing pages and calls to action) that had made video content marketing complex and clunky.

14. Broadcasting

Broadcasting is the dispensation of audio or video content to the audience through electronic mass communications medium. It is a dynamic type of content to engage with the audience. Broadcasting will be an important factor for content marketing in the coming time.

Article Note: This article was first published on 13th May 2017. We have last updated this article on 24th August 2018 with fresh information.

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    It is highly recommended that you spend more time in promoting your content than you spend on writing it. So, the immediate question would be how to make your content visible.

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