Top 5 Huge Logo Trends for 2019

If you are an entrepreneur or looking forward to establishing your own business, you probably know the importance of having an eye-catchy logo. It goes without saying that Logo Design Agency is one of the most challenging tasks, and involves an ever-evolving area of creativity. While some trends stay for years to come, some vary depending on the target audience and business goals. So to assist you, we have cited a list of top 5 huge logo trends that you must follow in 2019.

1. Gradient Logos

Judging by the trends seen in 2018, it is quite evident that the use of gradient logos will only increase in 2019. While Instagram made use of this logo way back in 2016, the trend continued to grow since then. Is expected that the popularity of gradient logos will surge further in 2019.

The best thing about this logo is, it composes a wide array of colors from extensive color palettes. According to experts, gradients are particularly used for creating bold statements and moving GIfs. Thus, it can be easily concluded that Gradient logos are an ideal option for you if you want your logo to be a perfect mix of bright colors and eye-catchy design.

2. Metallic Logo Designs

Though metallic logo designs are nothing new, in 2019 they are expected to set a new trend. Gone are the days when they were exclusively used for designing the logos of jewelry brands, and not for any other company.

Experts predict that metallic logo designs symbolize class and power. And to top it all, the shiny metal effect on the logo makes even a simple design stand out in the crowd. Simply speaking, metallic logo designs are the best choice if you are looking for pure class and exceptional beauty.

3. Textbox Logos

In graphic designing, different shapes convey different messages. For example, curved or continues edges convey ease and relaxation, while geometric shapes are known to convey structure, organization, and efficiency of the company. The simple yet attractive structure of the textbox logos is probably the reason why they are gaining worldwide popularity.

The most exciting thing about textbox logos is, they manage to capture, and in turn, portray the essence of the brand in a very elegant and conceptual matter. It simply doesn’t matter whether it is made in a flat or 3D surface, a textbox logo can definitely be an exciting choice. Get it done from an expert graphic designer as soon as possible if you want to convey a clear message by means of your company logo.

4. Simple Typography

With clean lines and attention-grabbing presentation, logos with simple topography is just what you need to etch a deep mark into the minds of your customers. According to a recent study, even the established brands having complicated logos are now thinking of re-designing their logos with minimum texture and style.

The study further suggests that simplifying a complicated logo is an easy way to garner the attention of the existing and potential customers. The most significant benefit of using logos with simple typography is that they are effective, as well as, memorable. Thus if you want a clean and clear logo for your brand, simple typography logos are your best option.

5. Detailed Vintage

Sleek and minimal designs have always had a strong grip on graphic designing. Logos are no exception. Though it may seem surprising, yet the experts are in the view that detailed and vintage logos with sleek and minimal designs would be the trend for 2019.

They further stated that the aura of sophistication and authenticity associated with these kinds of logos not only help establish a relationship with the potential and would be customers but also improves the brand visibility. So if you are looking for a beautifully crafted logo portraying the ethos of your company, this logo can be your ideal choice.

To wrap it up, designing your logo from the scratch or simply redesigning it, along with the looks of the logo, is a budget-friendly for improving brand awareness, and revenue as a whole. Just make sure you are availing the services of a professional graphics designing company. The rest will be taken care of.

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Don’t forget to share this article!