Top 6 UI/UX Design Trends 2019 You Need to Know

As we’re already into 2019, we would’ve noticed many UI/UX designs taking over the other local design trends. Technology evolving rapidly is a clear sign where digital products become more or less complex. As far as the evolution is concerned design trends becomes a reflection for the same.

This year we will find the UI/UX design trends dominating pretty well. To go hand in hand with these latest trends, the below will take you on a ride through it all. Let’s dive right in and figure out what those trends have in them.

Voice-Activated Interface

Devices enabling voices are rising vigorously in number these days. Voice devices let us know that they’re very much going to become the main/center element in living houses. These mediums are different from other graphical user interfaces and the thing which makes it clear is the fact that the designers should focus well on these mediums and keep them up to date. Examples for such voice-activated user interfaces are Alexa, Siri, Amazon Echo, etc. The only thing which keeps this as a handy option for the users is the feature that is voice commands and responses by the devices.

Material Design

Switching from flat designs to material designs, the UI UX design services are playing a good role. This will really be a great take over for the present year. From since the advent of this material designs, flat designs are failing to succeed and is falling flat. This further started moving in with a speedy flow with the advent of 3D icons, amazing transitions, shading and light features and many other. This makes it easier for adaptability of designs, customizing and transferring to various devices. So, material design it is.

Headlines of Oversize

We usually oversize the headline or the sub-headlines in order to express the importance of that content or piece of information. That’s exactly what this is about. Putting in more visual weight on the readers and grabbing their attention quickly as possible is the sole reason to oversize your headers. This has to be maintained carefully and any other key is to make use of a legible font matters the most, as it will add a lot of room for the message.


Be it of any age group, as soon as we browse or search any file or the article the attractive and unique illustrations grab it all. Illustrations are said to be the most important tool for the designing bugs. This, in a toolbox, is a must for him. Many reasons why illustrations play a role in the game and one such reason is to explain and bring out the complex of ideas into simpler forms. Just by a glance, the reader can grasp what your concept is all about. This way illustration is a very useful tool and cannot always be in the form of common style and needs your own and unique style which will be the main goal among the designer’s trends.

Video Form

Contents can take any form in the design field and video is one such form. This video form is the best way to convey information or content and not the word on the webpage anymore. Videos usually have a tendency to make it understandable for everyone than reading. Being one of the beautiful and easy ways to deliver the message, they save time. This is a form where more of the UI UX design services are looking forward to where the content is conveyed in lesser time. It’s a type of design which makes every watch, worth the time of yours.

Time Saving Navigator

We’re all tired of staring at the ’loading’ sign which pops up in the center of our browser every time. But when it comes to navigating your route and you’re supposed to be in the middle of a divergent and the buffer is up, that’s when you know you need a change. Navigating in a short time is what we all need. Browse in seconds and get your work done. Navigation must be a clear and simple way possible as we know everything will take over everything in new forms and there will very much be a lot of menu burgers on your screen.

Leaving behind the usual and outdated design trends and adopting new ones isn’t a big deal for this generation. Creativity talks and you know why new designs are much easier to be taken over than the other old ways. UI/UX trends are going to be updated now and then and things keep changing as we all do.

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