Top 7 Enlightening Web Design Trends for Your Business in 2019

With technological advancements, there has been a wave of new web design trends every year. Use of bold colors, abandoning grids, asymmetrical layouts, lively illustrations, and many more design trends continue to evolve in order to deliver more user-friendly and pleasing interactions.

Till date, numerous creative innovations have been introduced so far. And it is expected that there will be advancements that will go further. While new innovations will continue to come, here I have listed the top web design trends 2019 for branding services agency.

1. Serifs are the Best Design Font

The Sans Serif font is highly favorable as it offers clean readability in most of the website interfaces. However, a large number of brands are drifting towards bold serifs font for their callouts and headers.

Serifs involve lots of depth and it can be used in numerous creative ways. While round Serifs are great for Mailchimp image, wedge Serifs with bold strokes deliver a more professional and modern look.

2. Subtle and Simple Color Palette

Any website design can be enhanced with use of appropriate colors. Colors define a brand, boosts mood, and generates visual landmarks to support users through an interface. If there is no color, then shapes and texture become more prominent.

In 2019, it is best to keep your color palette simple and even black and white. While black is assertive and powerful, white resembles softness, purity, and cleanliness. So, make your design impressive with a subtle yet impactful color palette.

3. Pick Organic, Natural Shapes

In most of the cases, designers use systematic grids to build their website’s design elements. But this time, smooth and natural shapes tend to be favorite than others.

Rectangles, triangles, squares, and other geometric shapes have sharp corners and generate a sense of stability and firmness. In 2019, the focus is now on customer experiences offering a feeling of comfort and accessibility. Hence, asymmetrical, organic, and natural shapes are ideal to create an eye-catching and impressive website design.

4. Practice Glitch Art

Glitch art is another way to make a mark in the website design field. With the glitch effect, you can create movement into your design. You can plan which motion to include based on the purpose of your design.

No matter what the aim is, it will make your work more illuminating and appealing. It offers versatile use and is a great design strategy.

5. Use AI and Chatbots

You must be aware of chatbots, if you are offering a service or product to the end-user. In addition to machine learning development and AI, chatbots are highly efficient and intelligent tools in understanding the needs of customers.

It is expected that more number of chat boxes will appear on every web page you click through. Furthermore, friendly mascots displaying brands will appear as chatbox with a personal interface.

6. Video Content is Still Essential

Content marketing has become a key tool to grab customer’s attention. But as compared to this, video content is more appealing. For instance, it helps users to go through long-text instructions easily and eventually save their time.

Even, Google has widened the search results to mixed content and feature video content above the standard web pages. Hence, sites are now beginning to prioritize video production to make their sites easily searchable and bring out highly shareable and efficient content.

7. Keep it Minimal

This web design trend is for years and is expected to never go outdated. With fewer content and elements, your website will be easier to comprehend and remember by the audiences. It will ensure that your audience will take less time to think. Also, it will help in optimizing your website and show users exactly what they are searching for.

This design trend will continue to dominate the website design in 2019. You can even include interesting animations and effects but while maintaining adequate space for more focused content. Therefore, have enough white space on the website, clear and contrast typography, and remove distracting elements if any to create wonderful websites.

If your website design is unable to attract potential customers then don’t worry as it can be transformed. All you have to practice is these affordable and latest design solutions. If still, you are not able to make it, then it is best to consult a reputed branding services agency like Spark Design. With our excellent experience and innovative solutions, we can provide you rich website design that will continue to cater to your business’s future needs.

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Don’t forget to share this article!