Top 7 Smartphone Features for Busy & Mobile Digital Marketers

With the dawn of smartphones, the use of traditional computers has become less of a need in terms of convenience. Most people now prefer to use their mobile phones to surf the Internet, post on social media and even to shop online. So long as your mobile network offers daily internet connectivity, then your smartphone is all you’ll ever need.

Because of smartphones’ portability, more and more individuals continue to patronize them. In fact, the usage of mobile devices far exceeds the use of traditional desktop computers.

According to a research done by comScore in the US, the desktop’s dominant days are over. Mobile device users are on top comprising 60% of people on digital media while desktop users make up the remaining 40%. For this reason, marketers rely on smartphones to enhance sales and engage customers.

Below are seven fascinating smartphone features that digital marketers can make use of.

Smartphone Features for Busy Digital Marketers

1. Increase Engagement

Mobile devices allow digital marketers to engage people more through various apps and social media platforms. While on the move, you can control and manage your business through your smartphones.

Maintaining customer relationship and engagement is fast and easy with useful mobile apps aside from the usual scheduled Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn posts.

Here are Some Handy Mobile Apps that Greatly Benefit Busy Digital Marketers:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an overwhelmingly useful platform. It allows you to check key metrics and conduct real-time monitoring of your business data.

Nimble: Nimble allows you to learn more about your business prospects. It manages your personal agenda and relationships by linking your calendar and important contacts. It also gives more information on potential business connections through its discovery tool.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite schedules posts for social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It also has a free reporting function.

Evernote: Evernote helps you organize. Through this app, you can take notes while travelling and create to-do lists. It also allows you to sync everything between your smartphone and computer.

Dropbox: Dropbox understands that keeping files on your smartphone can take up a huge amount of memory. This app serves as your virtual storage. You can upload documents, photos, and other types of files.

2. Establish Location

If your customers are in the middle of nowhere and they have no idea where your business is exactly, their smartphones will help them find the way. Google Maps is quite a handy app for digital marketers. It provides detailed information on various geographical locations around the world.

If your customers search for your store or place in Google they’ll find a map result. Google maps is one of the most handy marketing tools for people to easily find your business. By adding your business location on Google Maps, your business will be visible not only physically but also virtually.

But before you can maximize the use of the Google Maps app, make sure you have a reliable Internet package. In the digital marketing world, it’s important that you maintain your business’ visibility at all times.

3. Use the Roaming Feature

Roaming refers to your use of a mobile device outside the range of its home network by connecting to another available network. When you’re out traveling to another country, your phone’s roaming feature allows you to continuously have wireless communication.

Busy digital marketers need to be able to send messages and make calls anytime, anywhere. Even if you’re outside the country, this useful feature lets you have a constant connection with partners, staff and clients as long as you have prepaid roaming.

4. Access Customer Data

Most customer relationship management (CRM) platforms allow you to connect your smartphone for instant access. CRM enables you to pull-out data on your prospects and customers. Because you’re able to retrieve data anytime, you’re constantly armed with vital information about your market.

5. Conduct Easy Online Searches

When you’re a busy digital marketer, chances are you have many deadlines to meet. Sometimes, these instances call for last-minute research to get vital information, such as an unscheduled meeting with a prospective client. Easy Internet access means you can look up your prospect pretty quickly to know important tidbits essential to your pitch.

So while you wait at the lobby for your impromptu client meeting, you can simply use your device and do some last-minute searches online.

6. Track Your Schedule

Track Your Schedule

When you have several appointments in one day, it’s quite difficult not to lose track of it all. Good thing your smartphone has various apps you can choose from for you to stay ahead of schedule.

With scheduling or calendar apps, you can get notifications and reminders way ahead of time so you can run from one meeting to the next without missing a heartbeat.

7. Go for a Fast Charge

Your company just won a major marketing award, and here you are, about to post a photo of you receiving the award on social media.

Ooops! Almost, but not quite. Your battery is about to die.

To maximize a smartphone’s capabilities, you have to make sure that it doesn’t run out of battery. But oftentimes, phone charging takes too long a time for a busy marketer.

Good thing that with today’s latest smartphones, fast charging is an inherent feature. You may also want to bring along a handy power bank for when you are on the move for a longer period of time.

Smartphone features vary based on the brand you are using. As a busy digital marketer, make sure you have all the essential features you need in your smartphone. Your website should also be mobile-friendly for you to have full access and control via smartphone. So even when you’re busy, you never need to go off the clock by maximizing your smartphone’s business and marketer-friendly features.

Author Bio:

Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.


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